Age: 22
School: Gonzaga
Position: Center
Height: 7-0
Weight: 234 lbs.
Class: Junior
Wingspan: 6-9.75
Standing Reach: 9-0
Hand Width: 10
Standing Leap: 24.5
Maximum Leap: 29.5

Average: 13
Highest: 10 (1x)
Lowest: 16 (2x)
Most Predicted: 11 (4x)

26.4 .629 .300 .776 7.3 1.7 1.1 0.7 17.8

- Big man with versatile game
- Can score with his back to the basket
- Solid perimeter game with three point range
- Very efficient scorer
- Good motor, especially on the offensive end


Apr 23 Update Olynyk has declared for the 2013 NBA Draft. Olynyk went from redshirt to one of the most efficient big men in America this year. He is a skilled big man who can score facing up or with his back to the basket. His handle and agility for a big man are other standout qualities. While scouts worry a bit about his rebounding and toughness, many scouts see him as a unique Pau Gasol type player in the NBA. A potential lottery pick.

Averaging just 12.9 minutes per-game playing behind L.A. Lakers second round pick Robert Sacre over his first two seasons in Spokane, patience has been a virtue for Olynyk. Catching the attention of scouts while gaining valuable international experience playing with Canada's junior national teams, the Kamloops native took a significant step forward when he debuted for Canada's senior national team in 2010 after his freshman year. Despite a disappointing 22nd place finish at the FIBA World Championships, Olynyk scored 33 points in 63 minutes against France and Spain, flashing intriguing potential as an inside-outside threat facing elite competition at just 19 years of age.

Seeing only a minor uptick in playing time upon returning to campus as a sophomore, Olynyk opted to sit out the 2011-2012 season, or what would have been his junior year, to retain a year of eligibility and prepare for the opportunities he'd see with Sacre out of the picture. Spending another two summers with the Canadian national team and Gonzaga's offseason program working tirelessly in the weight room, the 21 year old center is reaping the benefits of his decision this season.

The maturing Olynyk did away from the floor is evident on first glance. Redistributing the 240-pounds on his 7'0 frame and having significantly improved his conditioning, the once somewhat soft, gangly, oversized stretch-four now looks the part of a NBA center. He has gotten noticeably stronger, especially in his upper body, and while he still lacks great explosiveness, his bulked up frame hasn't had a negative impact on his excellent mobility.

Olynyk has matched his physical development with a dramatically different approach on the offensive end. Content to spot-up away from the rim and fire jump shots from the perimeter early in his career, the big man has embraced his role as post-scorer and finisher this season, doing a significant better job utilizing his size to his advantage in the paint.

What makes Olynyk unique is his versatility and skill level for a 7-footer. By no means a flashy scorer and far from a freak athlete, the inside-outside threat can use his size and soft touch to score in the post, finish his opportunities at the rim, and step out and make shots from the perimeter.

Legit 7 footer with a polished, highly effective post skill set ... Prolific scorer on the college level averaging 18 ppg on 66 fg% in 25 mpg ... Very comfortable operating on the block, using textbook positioning ... Shows an excellent understanding of the game and has become one of the most dominant bigs on the college level ... Has the ability to score on the block with up and unders, pump fakes, drop steps as well as knock down mid range and even outside shots ... Solid in the open floor but more effective in the half court ... Has decent agility, just lacks much explosiveness. He's not a stand out athlete, but he does have considerable touch and coordination for a 7-footer ... Can play out on the perimeter effectively, showing the ability to pass the ball and even handle the ball to get to the basket ... Does a good job of using his body to shield defenders from the ball when going to the basket ... Solid strength and rebounding ability ... Unusually polished post skills for a college player. Gets a low base providing a big target. Seals off his man and holds his position after passes to set up easy buckets. Has advanced footwork and utilizes a variety of effective fakes, spin moves and counter moves to draw contact and get opponents off balance ... Not pretty but effective ... Finishes very well around the basket, even after contact ... Quick, reliable hands and good reflexes allow him to catch passes and go up for shots quickly ... Excellent shooter. Very comfortable knocking down mid range shots. 82% FT shooter is very good for a big ... While not an efficient 3 point shooter at this point (33% on low volume) he appears to be a guy that could incorporate that into his game ... Gets the most of his abilities on the defensive end, staying between man and basket and not biting on pump fakes or gambling for steals ... Motivated, plays with consistent effort and energy ... His improvement over his college career is a testament to his work ethic and coachability ...