Age: 19
From: Croatia
Position: Small Forward
Height: 6-10
Weight: 223 lbs.
Hometown: Sibenik, Croatia
Wingspan: 6-11
Reach: 9-0

Average: 19
Highest: 14 (1x)
Lowest: 26 (1x)
Most Predicted: 16 (3x)

- Very skilled wing
- Great size for his position
- Has extraordinary court vision
- Excellent ball handler
- Good rebounder


Apr 2 Update: Saric will declare for the 2013 NBA draft, according to sources, and a number of teams are looking at him as a potential sleeper in the draft. With so many top young players faltering this season, Saric is considered someone who might be a safer bet to draft and stash for a few years.

Standing 6'10 with a matching wingspan, Saric spent the majority of the week at power forward, but clearly has his future on the wing, often bringing the ball up the floor for the World Select Team. Having added 10 pounds to his still wiry frame, Saric looks more physically mature than he did the last time we saw him, even if he still has plenty of room to grow. His lack of bulk limits him at times around the basket, and while he isn't terribly explosive, he shows impressive fluidity for a player his size and a unique skill level.

As was the case the last time we watched him, Saric's most impressive skills are his ball handling ability and court vision. Though the former FIBA Europe U-16 MVP's first step doesn't allow him to blow by defenders at will, his rangy strides give him to ability to attack gaps and turn the corner off the bounce. Showing terrific savvy changing speeds and great timing attacking his defender when unbalanced, Saric did a fine job all week getting into the lane and either finishing with deft touch and excellent body-control, or finding the open man with a quick pass. Tallying 5 assists and 4 turnovers in the Hoop Summit game, Saric still has room to improve his decision-making, as he forces the issue driving into traffic at times, but his ability to create offense for his teammates off the dribble is certainly impressive for a 6'10 18-year old.