2011 Bobcats Draft Workouts - Day 7

Bobcats Draft Workouts Day 7
June 15, 2011

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The Bobcats continued their 2011 NBA Draft preparation Wednesday at Time Warner Cable Arena® with guards Alec Burks (Colorado), Marshon Brooks (Providence), Charles Jenkins (Hofstra), Darius Morris (Michigan), LaceDarius Dunn (Baylor) and Julyan Stone (UTEP) in for workouts in front of President of Basketball Operations Rod Higgins, General Manager Rich Cho, the coaching staff and team scouts.

Alec Burks is a shooting guard from Colorado University entering the 2011 NBA Draft as an early entry candidate. Leading the Buffaloes in scoring and assists with 20.5 ppg and 2.9 apg as a sophomore, Burks helped Colorado advance to semifinals of the Big 12 Tournament. He was also one of two unanimous first-team all-Big 12 selections.

Marshon Brooks enters the draft out of Providence College after averaging 24.6 ppg. 7 rpg and 2.5 apg. Seventh in the nation in scoring, Brooks was awarded first-team All-Big East honors and scored the fourth-highest single season scoring total in Providence history with 788 points. He also scored a Big East-record 52 points against Notre Dame this season.

Charles Jenkins spent four years at Hofstra University, averaging 22.6 ppg his senior season, good for sixth best in the country. In his final season with the Pride, he also pulled down 3.4 rpg and recorded 4.8 apg and 1.7 spg. He was picked as the Colonial Athletic Association Player of the Year for the second straight season, third-team All-America by several media outlets and Jenkins won the Haggerty Award, which is given to the top player in the New York metropolitan area.

Darius Morris was selected to the All-Big Ten third team by coaches and media after making marked improvements over his freshman season. An early-entry candidate, he averaged 15 ppg, 6.7 apg and 4 rpg in his sophomore season, helped lead the Michigan Wolverines to a 21-14 record and a win against Tennessee in the NCAA Tournament before falling to Duke. He also broke the school season record for assists with 235 and had Michigan’s third triple-double in school history.

LaceDarius Dunn played four years of college basketball as a Baylor Bear, leading the team in scoring, field goals made and attempted, free throws made, and three pointers made and attempted. In his senior season, Dunn scored 19.5 ppg and recorded 3.6 rpg, 2.1 apg and 1.4 spg. He was awarded for his work with a selection to the All-Big 12 First Team and to the Diamond Head Classic All-Tournament Team.

Julyan Stone averaged 8.5 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 5.3 apg and 1.5 spg all while shooting 51% from the floor as a senior. Helping lead his UTEP Miners to a 25-10 record, Stone led the team in minutes played, rebounds and assists. He was honored with C-USA All-Conference Second Team and C-USA All-Defensive Team selections as a senior.

Bobcats Head Coach Paul Silas

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(On rescheduling the workout with Brooks and Burks)
It was good. Everybody really worked hard, played hard, great attitudes and it was just good to have all them together.

(His thoughts on Alec Burks)
Good. He really played hard, played well, good shooter. All the things that you see on the tape, he demonstrated here.

(On Burks’ defense)
It’s kind of difficult to say. You look at one-on-one, he played very well, but if you put him in five-on-five, you really can’t tell until you have the whole thing going.

(On Marshon Brooks)
He was good. Good shooter, worked hard, long, dunked the ball, displayed a very good attitude.

(On if the injuries that Brooks and Burks had before had any effect on today’s workout)
I don’t think so. I didn’t see it anyway. They just came out and whatever drill we them go through, they went through hard. Three-on-three was great and one-on-one was great. I really liked that it was a good, hard workout.

(On Burks’ shooting range)
He shot well. All of them weren’t as consistent as they normally would be, probably, but they all shot pretty good.

(On how he would use Burks if picked)
I don’t know yet. I think he’d probably play the two, play the three. Probably both of those.

(On Brooks’ possible role in the NBA as a scorer)
You know, he displayed scoring out here. But it’s kind of difficult to say until you have a guy with you and he’s going five-on-five and running plays and how he adjusts to all that. I watched the DVD of a couple of his games. Very good.

(On Burks playing similar to Larry Hughes)
Possibly. I think he has a much better shot than Larry did and a lot more consistent. But I’d put him in that category. He understands how to play and plays very well on offense and defense.

(On Charles Jenkins)
I’d say he’s more of a one. Hell of a shooter. He just comes off of picks and things; if he’s open midrange, he’s going to knock it down. He hardly missed. I hadn’t really seen him, but I liked him. I liked what I saw.

(On the new dynamic having new GM Rich Cho at the workouts)
Well, he’s going to be able to give us his idea of who he likes and looking at our roster, how they would fit in. It just gives you another voice of a guy that’s been around and seen a lot of these players. So, I think that’s a major plus.

Assistant Coach Stephen Silas

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(On the opportunity to work at the EUROCAMP)
It was great. I had never done it before, so it was my first time. Going over there and getting a chance to coach some of the best kids in Europe, draft-eligible as well as guys who aren’t draft-eligible. And then the Croatian and Serbian national teams were there, so I was able to see their under-19 teams play and some of the kids who play for them, and go to lunch with the guys, coach them, see who’s smart, who struggles with certain things – really an interesting opportunity. What makes it different from here is I can see them play in game situations and get to coach them during games. So, it’s definitely a valuable tool.

(On how beneficial it was to at least meet with the players and see them, even though some didn’t work out)
It was good. [Bobcats Director of Scouting] Scott Howard was over there and [Bobcats Director of Global Scouting] Rich Sheubrooks was also over there, so they did the meeting stuff and I did the court stuff. It was a great opportunity to talk to those guys and then there were a couple guys who had individual workouts that I could sit and watch and be a part of those as well. It’s interesting that you’re able to go overseas and have such a big part of the draft process over there that you don’t necessarily have here.

(His take on some of the guys he saw over there)
It’s kind of hard to tell in individual workouts, especially when I’m not a scout and haven’t seen these guys all year long. I’ve watched tape on a few of them, but it’s kind of hard to tell with an individual workout.

(On Biyombo’s game)
It’s funny because he was in an individual workout, one on zero. It’s hard to tell what he does. It was disappointing that he didn’t participate and run up and down and play with the other guys but he was in the one-on-zero workout and showed athleticism, showed his length and that sort of thing, but that’s really about it. Long kid. Has definitely room to grow.

(On if there was any way to gauge Biyombo’s defensive instincts)
Not really. They just had him out there doing dribbling drills, shooting jumpers and free throws, making a post move here and there. It’s really hard to tell in a one-on-oh workout what a kid can do.

(On Vesely)
He wasn’t there. I didn’t see him.

(If anyone caught his eye that he found interesting)
Not necessarily. Maybe a few guys who were second round picks. Some pretty good players. I think there’s some guys for the future, especially on the national team that are going to be pretty good. It’ll be fun to go back next year and coach them as they become draft-eligible, and the following year as they become draft-eligible. Now I kind of have a base to judge them.

(On if he was surprised by the lack of participation from some of the bigger names)
Not really. That’s kind of the trend that kind of started over here when we used to have the old predraft camp and you’d go and there’d be first round picks. Then year after year, there would be less guys participating in the games. It seems like agents kind of control it a little bit. It wasn’t surprising to me. It was actually surprising to me that more guys were in than out.

Alec Burks • 6-6 • 195 lbs. • Shooting Guard • Colorado

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(On the workout)
I feel like it went good. I didn’t make a lot of shots, but I showed them I can get to the rim. I showed them a good game. It was a good workout.

(On how important is was for him to reschedule the workout in Charlotte)
It’s very important, but I feel like they’ve seen me a lot with Rod Higgins’ son, Cory, playing with me. So, I think they’ve seen a lot of my game, but it’s great to be out here in Charlotte, and show them I still got it.

(On what he knows about the Bobcats and their needs)
I know a lot. Like you said about Cory, he played with me and is a good friend of mine. I know they need scoring on the wing. I think I can do that.

(On how he would describe how he plays)
I play smooth, versatile and competitive. Inside, outside, I make plays for my teammates, just do it all.

(On playing with a chip on his shoulder partially due to feeling under-recruited)
I did. I feel like I was under-recruited heavily. I felt I had to prove everyone wrong when they offered me a scholarship. That’s what I did and that’s what I think got me to the point I’m at today.

(On what he thinks he needs to work on)
Just working on hitting the NBA three and get stronger, get better and get mentally focused for the NBA level.

(On what he can do to improve his range)
Just repetition. I can make it; I proved it in the workout. I made a lot of them. I can make it; I just need to make it consistent.

(On his defense)
I feel like it’s good. I just got to do a consistent effort on it like I put in on offense.

(On playing against Brooks)
That’s my first time going against him. I think he’s a great player. He did great things with Providence. I like going against great people.

Marshon Brooks • 6-5 • 195 lbs. • Shooting Guard • Providence

Brooks Profile | Video: Brooks Interview | Video: Brooks Highlight | Video: Brooks Dunk Drill

(On the workout)
I think I played really well. I showed what I had to offer. My shot was falling pretty well today. We played three-on-three and I got to the rim. That’s just what I do – I just try to show them I can score the ball and defend as well.

(On what he can do to convince others that he can score at the NBA level)
Just make shots, honestly. In the three-on-three, just get whatever shot I want, not let anyone keep the ball in front of them, try to beat people off the dribble and show them I can get in the paint and show that I can make the extra pass as well, because I guess people think I’m a selfish player. So, I want to get rid of that.

(On the importance of rescheduling his workout after missing the first one with injury)
I was definitely important. It gave me a lot of confidence that they actually wanted to bring me back. That was huge for me. I just wasn’t ready to go at the time. I could have went out there, but I wanted to give Charlotte my best look.

(On how he’d describe his game)
I’m not a shooter; I’m a scorer that draws a lot of fouls and just plays hard.

(On the NBA player he thinks he most resembles)
Jamal Crawford. I watched a lot of tape on him growing up – him and Kobe. What I try to work on with my trainer is the hang dribble, the hesitation; try to get my defender flat-footed and I just go right by him. There’s a lot of different things that Jamal does out of the hang dribble. I want to perfect that. That’s my career goal.

(On what he needs to improve at this next level)
I got to get a lot stronger and I want to become more consistent with my jump shot. I feel like once those two things happen, the sky’s the limit.

(On using his length as a defender)
I get a lot of deflections. I just try to make the person I’m guarding uncomfortable. He doesn’t feel comfortable crossing the ball over in front of my face and shooting. I just want to try to contest as good as possible, just make things difficult for them.

(On his length helping his ability to get shots off)
I can’t really notice because I grew up with it but I think it helps a lot, especially with my floaters and my finishing around the bucket. I think I can finish a little bit farther than most guards because of my long wingspan. I’m just going to continue to work, get stronger and the sky’s the limit.

(On working out against Alec)
I mean, you’re talking about the best shooting guard in the draft, so I just wanted to see where I was at. I think I fared well.

(On what comes to mind playing against Burks)
He’s a real good player. I think his ballhandling is really, really good. I think he’ll be just fine getting into the pain as well, at the next level. He has a nice midrange game. Real good player.

(On the label some give him as being selfish)
It’s kind of weird to me. Coming from a kid, I played point guard my whole life – my whole entire life. I just hit a growth spurt and was recruited by Providence to play point guard. And last year, I had to score. I had to carry the scoring load, or the game was going to get ugly. They’re willing me to win. When teams go on 8-0 runs and 10-0 runs, I just want to win games, so I might take questionable shots. But I shot 48 percent from the field, so they were falling sometimes.

Darius Morris • 6-4 • 190 lbs. • Point Guard / Shooting Guard • Michigan

Morris Profile | Video: Morris Interview

(On returning to the arena where his Michigan team had success)
Yeah, it brought back a lot of memories. We won against Tennessee, took a tough loss to Duke, but I have some good memories in this gym.

(On the workout)
It went very well. I was able to do my thing – get others involved while take advantage of scoring opportunities and really set my teammates up and play defense.

(On how he defines his game)
I would define myself as a playmaker, more of a scorer than a shooter, but can make the open three. I’m still working on that consistently, but I’m a person that likes to get other people involved and can also use his talents to get to the rim if you need to be or a pull-up jumper.

(On what he thinks is making people take notice of him)
My body of work this season, being able to lead a team is really important – intangibles. And when they see me out here and that I’m a true point guard, not a two-guard trying to play a point guard or a combo guard, I think that really works in my favor. My size, being 6’5” and long, a lot of GMs and scouts like that.

(On how it helps his stock to work out with the best players)
If these guys are projected ahead of you and you perform well, they have to consider you as a higher pick. Maybe not one through ten, but definitely first round.

(On being more of a pure point guard)
It’s just something that’s naturally always been with me: just little things like leadership, how you run a team and I’ve proven I’m able to do that this year, which might be tough for somebody that’s never played the position before. It’s more than just on-the-court stuff. They got to do a lot of stuff you don’t really see on the camera and scouts and GMs are able to tell if you have that or not.

(On what he does to show that)
Just take what the defense gives me. One thing about me is that I can pass, so if you stop me off the dribble, my teammates should be open. Just playing unselfish and just being a playmaker.

Charles Jenkins • 6-3 • 216 lbs. • Point Guard • Hofstra

Jenkins Profile | Video: Jenkins Interview

(On the workout)
The workout went good. I shot the ball well and I competed; the most important thing in these workouts. I think the coaches have done a lot of research and they want to see us get in front of them and compete. I think I did a good job of that today.

(On how showcasing his shooting)
When you get an opportunity to get in front of a coach, you definitely want to show your strengths. Today, I shot the ball really well and I guess it worked out. Coach noticed it.

(On the competition at today’s workout)
These are big-time basketball players. They played at top schools and were on ESPN all the time. They played nationwide, so a lot people get to see them. For me, being kind of like an underdog, not a lot of people got the opportunity to see me. To prove that I’m able to play, I’ve got to play against the best guys.

(On what it’s like to have to come from a small school like Hofstra to prove that he can play in the NBA)
It’s very challenging. Just because a lot of people don’t know about Hofstra, it’s motivation when I come into these workouts. When I get my itinerary and I see the guys that’s on the list that’s in the group working with me, the first thing I think of is if I play really well today, I could play any school in the country. It’s definitely going to help me out, which it has.

(On the benefit of staying in college longer)
I think, for me, I’ve been through so much at Hofstra, it transfers to how it could be in the NBA. As far as players graduating and moving on, that’s similar to a veteran retiring. A coaching turmoil in college; that’s similar to what can happen in the NBA. I’m used to being in different situations and working with different players and I think that helped me and made my mature.

(On how rewarding it is to hear his name as one that’s moving up in draft talks)
It feels good. I’ve been flying under the radar for so long, for me to get any opportunity to improve my stock, I’m definitely all for it.