2011 Bobcats Draft Workouts - Day 4 - Afternoon

Bobcats Draft Workouts Day 4 - Afternoon
June 5, 2011

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The Bobcats continued their 2011 NBA Draft preparation Sunday afternoon at Time Warner Cable Arena® with guards Jordan Hamilton (Texas), Tobias Harris (Tennessee), Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA), Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State), Chandler Parsons (Florida) and Chris SIngleton (Florida State) in for workouts in front of Bobcats Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Jordan, General Manager Rod Higgins, the coaching staff and team scouts.

Jordan Hamilton is entering the draft out of the University of Texas as an early entry draft candidae after improving upon his freshman season. In his sophomore season as a Longhorn, Hamilton scored 18.6 ppg and snagged 7.7 rpg. He earned multiple selections onto All-American teams, including two second-team picks from the NABC and from the United States Basketball Writers Association and a third-team choice from the Associated Press. In addition, Hamilton earned first-team All-Big 12 recognition and he led Texas in scoring.

Tobias Harrisis also an early-entry candidate for the 2011 NBA Draft, elaving UCLA after his sophomore season. He tabulated 12.8 ppg, 7.2 rpg and 2.1 bpg in his final season for the Bruins. In helping his team reach the third round of the NCAA Tournament, he also was voted first-team All-Pac-10.

Tyler Honeycutt out of Cleveland State University, led the Horizon League in scoring with 21.7 ppg en route to winning Horizon Player of the Year. He also was selected as the Horizon Defensive Player of the year after averaging 2.2 steals per game and recording 5.8 rpg. Cole also broke the team records for scoring, free throws made, and free throws attempted.

Kawhi Leonard spent two seasons playing for the San Diego State Aztecs, helping lead the team reach the Sweet Sixteen before losing to the eventual champions. Leonard is entering the draft early after completing his sophomore season. He averaged 15.5 ppg and 10.6 rpg, along with 1.4 steals per game which helped him earn nods for second-team All-America from multiple outlets, as well as first-team All-Mountain West, Mountain West All-Tournament and defensive team honors.

Chandler Parsons was SEC Player of the Year and averaged 11.3 ppg, 7.8 rpg and 3.8 apg in his senior season for the Florida Gators. He helped lead the Gators to the regular season SEC championship and to the Elite Eight in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

Chris Singleton is a forward from Florida State University, entering the draft early after playing three seasons for the Seminoles. In his junior year, he averaged 13.1 ppg, 6.8 rpg and 1.5 bpg. Despite fracturing his foot in February and missing six games, Singleton returned to lead Florida State in scoring, rebounding, steals and free throws made and attempted. His play earned him third-team All-ACC honors and a spot on the ACC’s All-Defensive team.

Bobcats Head Coach Paul Silas

(On the workout)
It was good. These guys really worked hard and we got a chance to see a lot of good stuff from them.

(On who stuck out)
They all did. I loved Singleton. I think he really stuck out well and all of them.

(On Chandler Parsons)
I hadn’t seen him before, but I really liked his head for the game, really a great shooter and tough.

(On what he liked about Singleton)
Defense, particularly. He really plays good defense and has a good head for the game. He’s working on his shot, penetrates to the hoop very well. But you look at his defense: he shoots the gap on passes, steals. He’s very good and he runs the court. He really gets up and down.

(On his skill set’s resemblance to that of Gerald Wallace’s)
I hadn’t thought about that, but the only thing is I think he’s a better shooter from outside. But his aggressiveness – absolutely. He’s very similar.

(On what he noticed about Kawhi Leonard’s game)
Toughness, not a bad shooter, but I think his aggressiveness and his toughness were what stood out with me.

(On what is tougher to teach up at the next level – defense or offense)
That’s something that you can really work on. But the defense – it’s hard to make a good defender out of a guy that doesn’t just have it. You can teach him the rotations and all that kind of stuff, but if he doesn’t keep his man in front of him and play tough, that’s hard to teach. I really like that about players that come with that and maybe they need a little help offensively, but you can teach that.

(On what the Bobcats get out of this draft in a perfect situation)
Well, I think we’re going to get two real good players at 9 and 19. At 39, I wouldn’t be surprised if a player drops to us that most people aren’t looking at, and we can grab him also. For our needs, at the three spot and big people, I think they might be there.

(On the likelihood of packaging and moving the picks as opposed to drafting two good players)
We talked about that and if there was a player out there that we could move up and he could be a star-quality player, then certainly you got to look at that. Right now, I think 9 and 19 is going to be very good for us. So, we’re going to look at that right now and if something comes about, then we’ll certainly have to look at it.

(On considering Parsons if he’s available at 39)
One, I don’t think he will be, but if he’s there, then we certainly have to look at him. He’s really good and this morning, the little kid, Norris Cole, he really stood out for us, also.

Jordan Hamilton • 6-2 • 175 lbs. • Guard • Texas

Hamilton Profile | Video: Hamilton | Video: Hamilton Dunks

(On how the workout went)
It went good. We did a lot of one-on-one games and a lot of three-on-three in transition. I thought it went real good.

(On the challenge of going against basically the best of the SF class)
I think this was definitely one of the best workouts I’ve had. Usually it’s like a big, a guard and two wings, but this was all wings and I thought we all benefited from it.

(On what he was trying to showcase today)
The team knows I can shoot, so I just want to show I can get to the basket, facilitate and knock down shots, like I did; continue to show teams I’m improving on my weaknesses: dribbling the ball and things like that.

(On if getting up and down the court would be a challenge)
We did some of that my freshman year in college, and a little bit in my sophomore year and that’s the game that we play.

(On D.J. Augustin)
I’m familiar with D.J. Augustin. When I was in high school, I talked to him a little bit. I haven’t talked to him recently, but I know he’s a funny guy and he’s a great person.

(On if he could see himself in Charlotte)
Most definitely. It’s a great city. I have family that lives down here.

(On what he knows about the Bobcats)
Like you said, I know they like to get up and down, things like that. I know coach Silas’ transition game is what he bases things off of, so I think that’ll be a great fit for me.

(On where he might end up)
It’s still early in the process. I’d say by another week, I’ll get more of a feel of what teams really think, once I get through Washington and Philly. Once I go back home and talk to my agent, I’ll talk to him and see what he says.

(On where he’s been)
My first workout was Golden State. After that, I had Houston, Indiana and now I’m here.

Tobias Harris • 6-8 • 226 lbs. • Small Forward • Tennessee

Harris Profile | Video: Harris

(On how the workout went)
It was a good workout; just got up a lot of shots, did some two-on-two, some three-on-three, one-on-one and just got some more shots up at the end. It was just a good workout.

(On if he’s excited about working out against a talented group such as today’s)
Yeah, especially when you have some of the best guys at the small forward position. It’s just a great opportunity to come out here and show what you can do. So, it was a great workout.

(On what he’s going to excel at in the NBA)
Just my versatility, being able to play at many positions, just being able to make plays on the basketball floor and bringing my work ethic and my winning attitude to a team.

(On how much cutting weight has helped)
It’s helped me a lot. I’m moving faster, just competing more; I feel more bouncy on the floor.

(On where he might go in the draft)
It doesn’t really matter to me just as long as I’m on the right team with a good fit. That’s what I’m worried about: worried about having successful workouts.

(On what he did to lose that weight)
Just diet and my training back home – Britton Kelley [his trainer] – and just a lot of speed training and weight training also. I had to give up a lot of sweets, candy, breads and that type of food. It was a big sacrifice for me.

(How much weight he’s lost and what he’s at now)
About 15 pounds. [Now:] 220.

Tyler Honeycutt • 6-8 • 188 lbs. • Small Forward • UCLA

Honeycutt Profile | Video: Honeycutt | Video: Honeycutt Dunks | Video: Honeycutt with MJ

(On playing with Michael Jordan)
We played a little three-point competition. He was talking smack, so I had to take him down real quick.

(On what advice MJ gave him)
Just being able to sweep it and stay low and get to the basket in one dribble and be able to finish.

(On how it feels to come in for a workout and get tips from MJ)
You know, it speaks for itself: he’s one of the best players, if not the best player ever. You got to pay attention to what he’s telling you, because you know he knows he’s done it to everybody. So, I was just listening to what he was saying. He was talking about reverse pivoting and sweeping long to get to the basket.

(On the workout)
I think it went good. I think we competed real well today. Jordan kind of picked his team because we got the first couple games, so he had to give them some momentum, that he was rooting for them. But we competed well today.

(On what he wanted to showcase)
Just trying to show my all-around game, make passes, rebound the ball, knock down shots and play defense is what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to do everything out there.

(On working out with the top small forwards)
Yeah, because we’re doing everything – coming off the screen, setting the screens – we’re doing everything. Usually a workout will have point guards and us and then a big. So, we’re doing the passing, we’re doing the curls, we’re doing the screens, we’re doing post-ups as small forwards. It just shows everyone’s all-around game.

(What other workouts he’s done so far)
Minnesota, Houston, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Pacers and here.

(What workouts he has scheduled after this)
A lot. Probably got too many right now.

(On how he thinks he’d fit in with the Bobcats)
I think I’d fit in good. They just need players; good players at any position. So, that’s for them to decide, but I think I’d fit pretty good here – a long, young athletic player.

(On the competitiveness of a group of all SFs looking to be first round picks)
It’s going to be competitive no matter what, but it’s a little more since we’re all the same position, trying to go for that top spot. The most important part is to come out here and have fun. Just play. It’s basketball.

Kawhi Leonard • 6-7 • 225 lbs. • Small Forward • San Diego State

Leonard Profile | Video: Leonard | Video: Leonard Dunks

(On the workout)
It went well. Everybody that was in our workout was going pretty hard throughout the whole workout and I liked it.

(On the competitiveness of the group)
The top small forwards were in here today, about six of us, and we were all getting after it, trying to show the coaches that we could play basketball. We’re just out here playing hard every possession, trying to get better.

(On his rising draft stock)
I think people are just starting to see how versatile I am. I can dribble the basketball. I can shoot it, play defense, pass. They’re probably just looking at my overall game now.

(On what he has to work on)
I’m going to have to work on extending my game to the three, knocking down that three-point shot consistently and catch and shoot. I think that’s about it, and ball-handling. Every aspect of my game, I’m trying to improve. The main thing is shooting.

(On if there’s any added pressure playing in front of Michael Jordan)
No, not at all. Just walking in, seeing him makes you want to go harder. He played his heart out for the game and I just wanted to do it and show him how my heart is in the game, too.

(On how he would like to play for MJ)
It would be a great thing if he picked me. I’m trying to go to any team possible; it doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to get picked and put on an NBA jersey.

(On other workouts)
This is my first workout. I’ll be headed to Washington, today, for my second.

(On if he could play SG, in addition to playing SF)
I could dribble the basketball, come off screens and make plays for my team. So, I think I could play a little bit of the two. Like I said, I just got to extend my range to the three-point line and knocking the three down consistently. And that’ll probably determine what position I’ll be.

(On whether he’ll play more in the paint or on the perimeter)
I’m just going to try to be an overall player. If I have a little guy on me, I’ll try to post him up – get some easy points in the paint. If it’s a taller guy, I’ll bring him out to the wing and try to use my quickness to go by him. I’m just trying to be an overall player, just a great player at every aspect of the game.

Chris Singleton • 6-9 • 255 lbs. • Small Forward / Power Forward • Florida State

Singleton Profile | Video: Singleton | Video: Singleton Dunks

(On how the workout)
I think I did all right. My shooting was off a little bit, but overall I think I did well.

(On what he’s trying to showcase at these workouts)
Everybody knows me for my defense, so I’m just trying to be out there for my defense, right off the bat and just show them I’ve got other stuff, especially my offense and my shooting and my offensive capabilities.

(On how much he’s been working on his offense through these workouts)
I’ve been with [my trainer] for three weeks and before I started up all my workouts, I feel like my offense is evolving and that’s something some scouts haven’t seen from me and I’m going to show it in workouts.

(On showing his skills in the workout)
I mean, this is basically my class right here – my small forward class. I’m going to see them in a lot of places and just going up against them, learning the game. I think that’s really good. My offensive capabilities, it’s always good to show that.

(On getting up and down the court, like HC Silas prefers, fitting in his game)
To be honest, I feel like I can play in any system. But if coach wants to run up and down, I can go back to my early days and we can run up and down. I talked to Mr. Silas last night. He’s looking for somebody who wants to play and I just want to play.

(On being a go-to guy for Florida State)
I mean, our offense was found around motion. So basically, if you can just execute, and you saw your man at a disability, you went after him. We weren’t the best scoring team; we didn’t shoot it all the time. So, we just tried to pass the ball and shoot open shots.

(On what FSU coach Leonard Hamilton taught him both on offense and defense)
Defensively, we have a principle: “on the line, up the line.” It’s really to stay halfway between the ball and your man. And I think that’s what’s going to carry over to the NBA. Him and just the little stuff he puts on offense and how to space the floor and all that – it relates to the NBA. So, he’s given me a lot of wisdom and I’m going to try to take it and move forward.

(On what advice FSU coach Hamilton gave him about leaving early)
I mean, he gave me his blessing. There was a little talk about it last year and he gave his blessing last year. But I just felt this year was the right time to go and he’s behind me 100 percent. I just thought I was ready because I felt I accomplished a lot at Florida State and it was just time for a new path and a new scene.

(On if he sees himself as a top-ten pick)
I do. I do, honestly. I’m going to continue to work. I told everybody that. Hopefully I am, you know how this goes.

(On if he sees himself in Charlotte at the number nine pick)
That’s not out of the question for me; I can see myself here, just like everyone else in the draft.

(On who he’s worked out for so far and which teams he’s working out with in the future)
I’ve worked out for Golden State and Cleveland. I got Washington, Milwaukee, Phoenix, New York, Philly, Houston and Utah.

(On if his skills are similar to Gerald Wallace’s)
I like his hard work. He goes to every game; he’s one of those guys that does the dirty work. I feel like I’m capable of doing that and I’m just going to fill any role that coach asks me to.