2011 Bobcats Draft Workouts - Day 3

Bobcats Draft Workouts Day 3
June 4, 2011

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The Bobcats continued their 2011 NBA Draft preparation Saturday at Time Warner Cable Arena® with guards Andrew Goudelock (College of Charleston), DeAndre Liggins (Kentucky), Malcolm Lee (UCLA), Jacob Pullen (Kansas State), Mustapha Farrakhan (Virginia) and Kevin Anderson (Richmond) in for workouts in front of Bobcats Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Jordan, General Manager Rod Higgins, the coaching staff and team scouts.

Andrew Goudelock played for four seasons at the College of Charleston, averaging 23.7 ppg in his senior season. He also recorded 3.9 rpg and 4.2 apg for the Cougars. Goudelock won Southern Conference Player of the Year and helped the College of Charleston win a couple games in the NIT.

DeAndre Liggins earned a spot on the SEC All-Defensive team after his junior season for the Kentucky Wildcats. An early-entry draft candidate, Liggins averaged 8.6 ppg, 4 rpg, 2.5 apg, 1.2 spg and shot 39.1% from behind the arc this season.

Malcolm Lee is an early-entry candidate for the 2011 NBA Draft after spending three seasons with UCLA. This past season, he averaged 13.1 ppg, 3.1 rpg and 2 apg for the Bruins. Lee was also picked to the All-Pac-10 first-team and was selected to a spot on the Pac-10’s All-Defensive team.

Jacob Pullen enters the draft after spending four years playing for Kansas State University. Averaging 20.2 ppg, 3.7 apg, 2.9 rpg and 1.5 spg, Pullen led the Wildcats in scoring, assists, 3-point field foals, among other statistical categories.

Mustapha Farrakhan played four years at the University of Virginia, averaging 13.5 ppg, 2.8 rpg and1.8 apg in his senior season for the Cavaliers. He led the team in points, minutes played, field goals made and attempted, free throws made and free throws attempted.

Kevin Anderson led the Richmond Spiders in free throws made and attempts, assists and steals in his senior season, helping take his team to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament after winning the Atlantic 10 Tournament. This season, he averaged 16.6 ppg, 3.3 assists, 1.4 spg and 2.8 rpg.

Bobcats Head Coach Paul Silas

(On the prospects)
Pullen was really good, a great shooter. All of them really played well. We’re going to take a look at all of them. All of them played well. Liggins played good, Farrakhan…all of them.

(On if all of these guys are prospects for the 39th pick)
I’m not sure. I don’t really know for sure. [Bobcats Director of Scouting] Scott Howard knows more about that than I do. All I do is watch them play, and we’ll make a decision as this thing comes around.

(On the ability to get someone at the 39th pick who can make an impact)
I think so. There’s a lot of players out there and some of the players we’ve had so far Scott has said could be there at that particular point, so we’ll just have to see.

(On wanting more 3-point shooting)
It just puts so much pressure on your opponents when you kick it out and the man is spaced out properly and you kick it out to him. And it really takes a toll on your opponents. They look at that and how are they going to play the penetration, how are they going to play the post-ups because they know when it’s kicked out, it’s like it’s going to be a score. When you look at the teams, I was very surprised that San Antonio didn’t do it well in the playoffs, but they got great three-point shooters. It’s not easy to play them. Jack is good, D.J. is good and you know, D.J. has to get his shot off quicker – that’s what he’s working on now. But off the bench, if we could get a few more guys that can do it, that would help us.

(On the variety of types of guards at today’s workouts)
I thought everybody competed. Mike took one team and I took the other, and we told them what we wanted them to do and that really helped their competitiveness. You know, we watch it all. I told them we watch the mental aspect of the game, which is about 90 percent, physically what do you bring and a lot of them are bringing more shooting than defense. Some, like Liggins, brought a lot of defense; it was hard to get shots off on him. Pullen brought a lot of offense. He went around on everybody and scored. A great shooter. We watched the whole gambit – the offense and the defense.

(On Oak’s health and time frame for possibly adding a coach in his stead, if he can’t go next season)
There’s no real time frame. We just want to see how he’s going to be and what’s going to happen with him and then we’ll make a decision because a decision has not been made yet as to whether he’s going to have surgery or whatever. So that’s up to him, once he makes that decision and we will have to do something.

Andrew Goudelock • 6-3 • 200 lbs. • Guard • College of Charleston

Goudelock Profile | Video Interview | Dunking Drill

(On the workout)
It went well. I mean it was six guards so, pretty competitive. We did a lot of three-on-three, one-on-one things and I got a lot of shooting in. It was a good experience. I like it here: it’s a very nice atmosphere. Michael Jordan – it was my first time meeting him. He’s a great person. It’s just a good experience. I had a good time.

(On how it was working out in front of MJ)
Once you meet him, after that initial meeting and greeting, it’s basketball. He’s really involved. He said stuff; he makes you feel comfortable. It wasn’t that bad. Playing for a legend is something. He’s a very cool person. It was different from what I thought it was going to be. I thought I was going out here and be really nervous playing in front of him, but he made everyone comfortable. He brought a lot of light to the workout. It was good.

(On what he wanted to show today)
I just played my game. I don’t worry about showing anybody anything. I’m a basketball player and I’m going to play how I play. If they like me, they like me and if they don’t, they don't.

(On how he prepares)
You just got to get your head right, mentally. We worked out, trained up to this point so everybody’s in shape so it’s just having your head right. It was just to see you come in here, work hard and have the right mentality. It’s the biggest thing, preparing for these workouts because you’re going to meet a lot of different people and play a lot against a lot of different players. You can’t have yourself defeated; you have to be really strong mentally. So I think that’s the biggest aspect. That is something that they said, actually at the beginning of the workout – that they focus about 90 percent mentally.

(On showing that he’s ready, coming from a small school)
I play my game. I’m not going to come out here and try to show them anything that they haven’t seen. I’m not a guy who’s going to worry about things I can’t control. If they like me, then they like me. If they don’t, then they don’t and I’ll go somewhere else. But I love it here. I hope somebody picks me. Coming from a small school is a little bit harder. They see some of these other guys on TV, some of these guys have bigger names and they’re a little bit well known, but hey – it’s basketball.

DeAndre Liggins • 6-6 • 209 lbs. • Guard • Kentucky

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(On how the workout went)
I think we did well. Three-on-three, transition drills – I think I defended well and showed my athletic ability.

(On playing in front of MJ)
I mean, it feels great. The shoes feel great; it’s just an honor to have Mike here watching us.

(On what he thinks he showed pretty well at the workout)
My versatility, defending the ball and making smart passes.

(On upcoming workouts and preparation for workouts)
Indiana on Monday. I just get rest, drink plenty of fluids.

(On the competition) It feels great to come play against other people. It’s like competing for a job, but at the same time, we’re all having fun. Good competition. It’s just an honor for me to be here, playing in front of this organization and Michael Jordan.

Malcolm Lee • 6-5 • 200 lbs. • Guard • UCLA

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(On the workout)
It went real good. I feel like I played pretty well. A lot of competitive stuff: one-on-one, full court three-on-three and halfcourt three-on-three. It was a good workout.

(On what he showed today)
I feel like I showed my ability to create and using my size on smaller guards.

(On his knee and having surgery at the end of March)
It’s 100 percent right now, holding up and no swelling. And I’ve been playing on it a lot too, travelling to different cities and working out for different teams. It doesn’t get sore; it’s 100 percent. It was my left [knee]. It was scoped, lateral meniscus.

(On the decision to enter the draft)
It was a real tough decision. I learned a lot, so it was a real good experience. It just came down to me and my family felt like it was time to move on, exploring my talents and trying to take them to the next level. That’s why I’m here right now.

(On upcoming workouts)
I go to Indiana next. My last workout’s on the 21st.

(What workouts he’s had so far)
Detroit, Miami, New Jersey, New York.

(On the competition and variety of talent at the workout)
It was a real good variety of different caliber of players. Everybody had their own style. We had Jacob Pullen, who was real crafty; DeAndre Liggins, who is one of the bigger guards, like myself; shooters, like Andrew; and other quick point guards. It was a real good variety there, different looks. Basically what I was just trying to do was just use my advantage on whatever guard was guarding me.

Bobcats Assistant Coach Charles Oakley

(On his health and his back)
You know, it’s just up in the air. I’m going to doctors, trying to find out if we’re going to have surgery, and how long the time period is before I’ll be back. I miss being around. It’s just one of the things in life. I’m better, so I’m moving around a little more. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

(On the suddenness of his back problems)
[It was] just out of the blue. It was an incident that happened last year, but you know, it just happened. It happens to everybody – your body. And what happened was really affecting my nerves and I never hurt it in my life at a point like this that sometimes you can’t do the things you want to do – you can’t really work out. I went to the doctor yesterday. He told me to start trying to do more stuff, don’t say “well, the surgery is going to happen.” I’m glad I was in shape from the get-go. Maybe if I wasn’t in shape, my body probably wouldn’t be in action. So, he said that was a plus. Hopefully my body can settle back in, that this disc that’s sticking out will work its way back in and I can pick my pace back up and get back to normal. So it’s a process of waiting three or four months and then a process of “will I have surgery?” and see what happens. Because if you have surgery, I mean it’s fixed – I just want to get back to normal. I feel sorry for the people who can’t get back to normal from some incidents. For me to be out and not normal right now, it’s really draining sometimes. You got to stay strong. You know, life is not “here’s the road” – I just want to extend it and make it a little longer ride down the road. Hopefully, I’ll be back coaching one day. If not, I got to continue living.

(On what happened in Oklahoma City)
I was getting up, ready to work one of the guys out and my whole right side just went out. I had an X-ray last year and two of my discs had slipped after the incident. It didn’t really bother me. When I started coaching, I was feeling great. I guess it was just time for – you know, it was already damaged. It was just like you having a nail in your tire or something. So you go so far and the nail keeps going in and going in, and then once it reached the peak, the hole gets bigger and all the air gets out of your tire. The damage to my side and my disc, just wear and tear, just couldn’t take no more.

(On how he looked being picked up and taken off)
I hate to go out like that. I looked like somebody who had gotten knocked out of the ring and couldn’t get back on. But I’m back walking now and hopefully walking and getting my back back together will get me back to 100 percent.

(On what he can and can’t do at this point)
I can ride a bike a little, I can get in the hot tub. I can’t do too much stretching, he doesn’t want me to do a lot of bending over. So really, I’m just walking around, trying to look healthy. You know, sometimes you can look healthy, but a lot of people can be in pain. I’m just trying to keep good faith and not get down and know there’s a lot of good days to come.

(On possible surgery)
I hope I don’t have to have it. But if I do, we’ll know something in some months. If it keeps getting better, we’re going to just progress and we’ll go back to doctors, take X-rays. We can look at it and see. I hope the doctor can know; I go see him enough, so they can figure it out.

(On the incident in Vegas)
It was kind of brutal but I made it out, I’m going to make it out again.