2011 Bobcats Free Agent Mini-Camp

Bobcats Free Agent Mini-Camp
June 27-29, 2011

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2011 Free Agent Mini-Camp Roster

Player Pos. Height Weight Birthdate College / Last Played Years Pro
Lance Allred C 6-11 255 2/2/81 Weber State / New Zealand 1
Alan Anderson G 6-6 220 10/16/82 Michigan State / Spain 2
DeMarre Carroll F 6-8 212 7/27/86 Missouri / Houston 2
Thomas Coleman C 6-9 220 30/20/89 North Carolina A&T R
Ronald Dupree F 6-7 209 1/26/81 Louisiana State / Utah (NBAD) 7
Gary Flowers F 6-8 214 4/22/86 Southern Mississippi R
Tony Gaffney F 6-9 215 11/14/84 Massachusetts / Utah (NBAD) R
Orien Greene G 6-4 210 2/2/82 Louisiana / Utah (NBAD) 3
Brandon Heath G 6-4 198 4/1/81 San Diego State / Bulgaria R
Cedric Jackson G 6-3 190 3/5/88 Cleveland State / Italy 1
Adam Koch F 6-8 245 5/4/88 Northern Iowa / Utah (NBAD) R
Stephane Lasme F 6-8 225 12/17/82 Massachusetts / Main (NBAD) 1
Elijah Millsap G 6-6 210 8/12/87 UAB / Tulsa (NBAD) R
Patrick O'Bryant C 7-0 250 6/20/86 Bradley / Reno (NBAD) 4
Russell Robinson G 6-2 190 1/24/86 Kansas / Spain R
Jermaine Taylor G 6-4 210 12/8/86 Central Florida / Sacramento 2
Garrett Temple G 6-5 180 5/8/86 Louisiana State / Charlotte 2
Jawad Williams F 6-9 225 2/19/83 North Carolina / Israel 2

Bobcats Head Coach Paul Silas

Video: Silas on 6/28 Free Agent Workouts

(On how the camp is going)
It was good. We let them play last night, up and down, and this morning. And we’re going to continue to do that because you see a lot more when you do that. Yesterday in the morning, we just had them do drills.

(On what he’s looking from Garrett Temple)
Well, to see the dominance that he has at the point spot, because that is where he would have to play as a third point guard. And he’s doing a good job, a real good job.

(On Jawad Williams)
He’s a very good shooter, plays hard, good rebounder. It’s going to be hard to make it, but we’re just taking a look at almost all of them. There’s a few that I think have a chance, but we have to see what happens tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night, before we make any decisions.

(On Temple’s improvement over the offseason)
Well, his improvement has been phenomenal. He has really become an outstanding shooter, handles the ball very well, understands how to play. It was kind of touch and go last year, when we brought him in; a lot better now.

Garrett Temple • 6-5 • 180 lbs. • Guard • Louisiana State / Charlotte

Video: Temple Interview

(On how the workout went)
Practice is going good; real competitive. We’ve got guys out here that can play the game, that have had stints in the NBA and somebody’s trying to get a training camp invite.

(On what he’s improving on this offseason)
I’m improving on my jump shot, my ballhandling skills. You know, Coach Silas, Stephen Silas and Coach Ralph have been helping me on my ballhandling skills, my decision-making and my jump shot – just being a point guard.

(On how he can fit into the Bobcats backcourt that could use his size)
Well, I think I can fill the role. I’m a 6’5½” guy that can play both the one and the two. I’m pretty long; I can defend two or three positions, so I think, given the opportunity, I can definitely fill that role.

(On what this camp give him the opportunity to show that he might not have been able to do last season)
That I can run a team, continue to play with guys that even haven’t played before and can run a team, can run an offense and get guys in the right spot.

(On if he feels he has an advantage knowing the coaching staff)
Somewhat. I’ve been here for almost a month now and knowing the coaching staff, knowing what they want out of me, talking to Stephen, talking to Ralph, asking them what they want to see out of me; I think that does help a little bit.

Jawad Williams • 6-9 • 225 lbs. • Forward • North Carolina / Israel

Video: Williams Interview

(On his situation)
Everywhere I go, I can play a lot of different positions. I can contribute to a winning team. This team is a team in transition and hopefully I can be a part of that.

(On where he’s been since 2009)
I almost can’t remember everything. I went to Spain, came back to play in the D-League, went to Japan, and then two and a half years in Cleveland and Israel.

(On possibly playing overseas)
It’s always a backup plan. Of course, I would love to get back to the NBA, especially in Charlotte, being so close to where I live, but if there is a lockout, I’m more than prepared to go overseas. I’ve been there and it’s something I’ll be able to handle easily.

(On if he’s thought about returning to Israel)
It’s a possibility. I love Israel. I love Japan. So I keep my options open.

(On which country was his favorite between playing in Israel, Japan and Spain)
It’s hard to pick. They all offer so many things. I love Japan, I love Israel. Spain, the same. So, it’s hard for me to narrow it down to one country. But everywhere I’ve been, I’ve been fortunate enough to be in great situations, playing with great people and great organizations.

(On how he would fit on the team)
It’s a team in transition. I see a lot of pieces that are starting to be moved. They’re a team that’s in the middle of the pack and I see they’re trying to break that trend. Hopefully I can come in and just contribute.

(On what position he believes he is most suited for)
My main NBA position has been small forward. I’ve been a small forward, able to guard some of the bigger threes and fours, and sometimes the twos. Just that versatility, I think it helps me a lot.

(On how he’s doing in the camp)
I think I’m showing what I can do: not playing out of my element. […] I just come in and do what I can do best: play the defensive end, make shots and just do the small things that help teams win ballgames.

Lance Allred • 6-11 • 255 lbs. • Center • Weber State / New Zealand

Video: Allred Interview | Allred Feature Story

(On how the camp is going)
It’s actually going pretty well. The system that they run here – Coach Silas’ system – actually fits me. I implement it pretty well; it allows me to kind of space and use my skill set and everything. I’m confident with how it’s going. I can’t ask for a better setup, really.

(On what talents he brings to a team)
I’m kind of a Brian Cardinal/Brad Miller type. I’m a pick and pop big, but also hard-nosed. I rebound – I go out for double-doubles is basically what I do. I’m not some guy that only shoots two-foot baby hooks. I’m going to crash, but also space the floor and give my teammates the opportunity to drive and do their own thing, but also be an outlet. I have to keep my big man honest.

(On playing in New Zealand)
New Zealand’s fantastic; some of the best people in the world. You take an English pedigree and mix it with a Hawaiian/Islander mentality and it is what it is: pretty laid-back. You can control what you can control. I loved it. You don’t go there for the pay. It’s a good summer league system because it’s only three months or so – April to June – and so for a guy like me, when the season ends, you can go there and kind of stay in shape and keep playing. I told them, “Hey, if I’m ever available, I’m always going to go back.” It was a great situation; I loved it. And plus, vacation-wise as a traveler, you can’t beat that scenery.

(On his upcoming book)
You know, the first book was from my growing up to my call-up with the Cleveland Cavaliers, so it’s kind of like a nice, happy Hollywood story. But then, the second one is more kind of like what happens after you get the dream, and sometimes the disenchantment and the disillusionment that comes with it. You got to find ways to pick yourself up and keep on going.

DeMarre Carroll • 6-8 • 212 lbs. • Forward • Missouri / Houston

Video: Carroll Interview

(On how the workout went)
It went well. It was a good camp, played against some good guys, old NBA guys, guys that are trying to make it, so it was a really good camp.

(On what skill set he can bring to a team)
I’m going to bring energy and being hard-nosed. I’ve been working on my jump shot, relentlessly. Hopefully I can add to the team and be another weapon off the bench.

(On his near future)
I’m going to sit back and basically, talk to my agent, Mark Bartelstein, and see where we’re going next. I’ve been to several mini-camps and I’ve turned down several mini-camps, so we’re just going to see what’s the best option. I feel like I did what I needed to do to show teams that I’m not just one of those guys out there – energy guys – with no skills. Hopefully I proved that to many teams. I’ve been getting good feedback so we’ll just sit back and wait.

(Where his free agent mini-camps have been)
I went to Indiana, OKC, Denver, San Antonio, Cleveland, Charlotte and Atlanta. This one was very challenging because it was the last one. We did three two-a-days. I was nicked-up; I got a hip pointer about a week ago. It was a challenging one, but right now, you don’t have time for any injuries. I think I did fairly well. Hopefully, I get good feedback.