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As a Bobcats Season Ticket Holder, you will receive some of the best benefits in the NBA.
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Cats 365

With over 60 events hosted annually, Cats 365 is a year-round program that connects our Season Ticket Holders outside the game of basketball. These exclusive events revolve around the five pillars highlighted and are designed to enhance the Season Ticket Holder experience. Cats 365 not only creates exciting family memories, but also provides valuable business networking opportunities! Click here to read more. Resale

Buy and sell tickets the easy way with Resale Marketplace by Ticketmaster, the official resale marketplace of the Charlotte Bobcats and the NBA. It’s the Bobcats-approved way to buy and sell real tickets with other fans. Sellers don’t have to deal with tickets delivery and buyers can print their tickets right away thanks to Ticketmaster’s barcode technology.
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