Mar 31 2011 1:18PM

Still Fashionable: Zaza Pachulia

Scott Cunningham/NBAE/Getty Images

It's nice to see that former HOOP Style Editor Zaza Pachulia is still keeping his sartorial game tight. The man is one of the most impeccably sharp dressers around the League.

In this clip from, the Georgian native gives you as glimpse of his road wardrobe. You know Zaza is serious about clothes when the dude puts thought behind what he'll be wearing after a game when the Hawks board to a flight that maybe a handful of people outside of his teammates will see. Want more fashion seriousness? Zaza goes on about socks and making sure that people see what he's rocking beneath his shoes.

Me? I just put on what's clean and I'm just happy when I don't have holes in my socks.

Hat tip: Sekou Smith's Hang Time Blog