Sep 21 2012 9:31AM

The New Jersey Spurs

D. Clarke Evans/NBAE/Getty Images

It has taken me a day to digest the news and pictures of the San Antonio Spurs' new alternate jerseys they will be wearing for a dozen or so NBA games this season.

And upon further review, I love it.

The minimalism.

The comfort.

The emphasis on the iconic Spurs logo.

The absence of any team alphabetical identification, other than the S.A. monogram located on the shorts.

adidas really has come up with a winner here, in my humble opinion.

It's part Hef, with the pajama-like look, as referenced in some corners.

It's part old-school Penn State, with the black & white & gray color schemes serving as the team identifier.

It's part Duncan, with the understated appeal of the whole thing.

I know it may take NBA fans awhile to warm up to the new look, but I predict it will become a trend-setter in the league and a best seller by season's end.

It's simplicity is magnificent, and it also sets itself up as canvas for future logo space when commercialism hits the jerseys.

In the meantime, enjoy the space.