Mar 31 2011 1:29PM

LeBron Ducks the Boos

In one might either be a brilliant move or another low, LeBron avoided the ire of the Cleveland crowd by skipping the customary pregame introductions where he would get the undivided attention and loudest razzes. The official reason was that he in the bathroom, but here's our top ten reasons for why he missed the rain of boos in his second go-around in Cleveland.

10. He had a meeting with ESPN to discuss a sequel to The Decision.

9. He had mistakenly put on his old Cleveland #23 jersey under his warmups.

8. The Cavs didn't let him in the building like during shootaround.

7. They ran out of talcum powder and he had to make a quick run to CVS.

6. Daniel Gibson challenged him to a dancing contest in the tunnel.

5. He really did have to go to the bathroom after going overboard at his favorite Akron burger spot, Swenson's.

4. His personal tour of Cleveland to Joakim Noah ran long.

3. He was giving Chris Bosh a shoulder to cry on in the locker room before the game.

2. He couldn't find the Quicken Loans Arena since the big mural of himself is now gone.

1. He and Dan Gilbert hugged it out.