Aug 16 2012 4:59PM

Fast Five: Andrew Bynum

David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images

Andrew Bynum made headlines for his All-Star play, and NBA Finals mettle...however last season it appeared that he was getting attention for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless as the Dwight Howard saga endured, Bynum and a host of other athletes lives would soon change with a blockbuster four-team trade, that landed the Philadelphia 76ers the two-time NBA champion big man.

HOOP had the opportunity to catch up with him directly after the press conference:

Talk about your initial feelings once you heard the news of the trade:
"I was on a plane to Atlanta to train, once I landed I found out and didn't know what to think, but I was looking at the roster the other day and we're pretty deep. My first thought was I'm going home...I was very excited. I'm here now and I'm loving the city...I've been here for two days, I went to some nice restaurants and the city has really embraced me."

You're wearing #33, what does it mean to have your old number back?
"Actually it means everything. I picked [number] 17 because of my age when I got drafted. I've been wearing 33 forever -- in high school, in middle school, and I would have worn it in college. In L.A. I couldn't wear it because of Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]."

What are your immediate goals with the 76ers?
"I want to get a few more All-Star games on my resume, and I want to bring defense and rebounding to this team. I look at this as the next step in my career. For a little while in the Denver [playoff] series I was the main option and I got used to the triple teams...and with our roster the sky's the limit for this team."

Did you grow up cheering for the 76ers?
"To be honest, growing up I was a Bulls fan with Jordan, and I didn't know too much about the 76ers, but I grew up about 30-minutes from here in Princeton, NJ and I'm really excited to play for the 76ers."

Have you spoken to Kobe Bryant about playing in Philadelphia?
"No, I haven't spoken to Kobe about playing here, but it's kind of funny because I'm looking for houses in Lower Merion, PA."