Mar 28 2014 12:50PM

Fantasy Friday: In Memoriam Of Former Starters

When the NBA regular season ends in 20 days, ESPN should run one of those Oscars-montage memoriam pieces on all the fallen players of the 2013-14 NBA season.

It really did affect the fantasy basketball landscape, not only with the player lost for the rest of the season, but for some, by the player gained.

For instance: Who knows when Nikola Pekovic will return as the Timberwolves center, but if you're the proud pick-up owner of rookie Gorgui Deng (76 points and 84 rebounds in his last six games), you're hoping Minnesota takes its time nurturing their starter back to health.

That said, these are the former fantasy starters who got shut down until next season, along with their Game Score stats, plus the recent fantasy numbers of the men who replaced them in real-life basketball.

Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

For whatever reason, Ilyasova has not been the same player in 2013-14 (7.8 Game Score) that he was in 2012-13 (10.7 Game Score) when he earned a 5-year, $40 million contract. Consequently, he dropped from a 13-point and 7-rebound forward to an 11 and 6 man, despite playing only one minute less. So when Ilyasova sprained his right ankle this week, the Bucks decided to shut him down for the season.

His Replacement In March: Rookie 19-year-old Giannis Antetokounmpo is only averaging six points and five rebounds in 24 minutes per game during March (5.2 Game Score).

Layne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty Images

It is a shame Holiday only played 34 games for New Orleans this season--averaging 14 points and 8 assists in 34 minutes per game (12.0 Game Score) before a stress fracture in his right tibia sent Holiday packing at the end of February. At least New Orleans knows they have a potential playoff team if they could just keep their starters healthy (see Ryan Anderson below).

His Replacement In March: Backup point guard Brian Roberts has been solid in his starting role these past 12 contests, averaging 13 points and 4 assists in 31 minutes per game (8.6 Game Score) in March.

Layne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty Images

Sanders hasn't been nearly half the player in 2013-14 (7 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks in 25 minutes per game for 23 contests) that he was in 2012-13 (10 points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks in 27 minutes per game in 71 contests), where his Game Score literally dropped from 10.4 to 7.0. Unfortunately, after signing a 4-year, $44 million contract in the summer, Sanders is out for the season after suffering a broken right orbital bone in a mid-February game. After finally getting run in 23 games. After missing the first part of the season, recovering from a broken thumb suffered in a bar fight.

His Replacement In March: Center Zaza Pachulia is averaging 8 points and 6 rebounds in 26 minutes per game (7.4 Game Score) in March.

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The Pelicans sorely missed Anderson's stretch 4 abilities, not to mention his 20 points, 7 rebounds and 3 3s in 36 minutes per game in the 60 games he will miss in 2013-14. Anderson had neck surgery January 7 and the team is hopeful he will be ready to go in preseason 2014-15.

His Replacement In March: Anderson's injury forced small forward Al-Farouq Aminu into a (non-stretch) power forward role, where Aminu is struggling (7.5 Game Score with 8 points and 6 rebounds in 25 minutes per game).

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The Hawks got derailed and your fantasy team too may have collapsed after Al Horford underwent right pectoral surgery December 27. Such is the case when you lose a center with a 15.6 Game Score who averages 19 points and 8 rebounds in 33 minutes per game in 29 contests.

His Replacement In March: Unfortunately, 35-year-old Elton Brand needs a few games to post his old 20-10 numbers, with the recent Brand averaging 6 points and 5 rebounds in only 20 minutes per game as Atlanta's converted center.

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

Lopez was operating as a force out of the post for Brooklyn before he underwent right foot/anke surgery on December 21. His averages to date were 21 points and 6 rebounds in 31 minutes per game for 17 contests (16.1 Game Score).

His Replacement In March: Andray Blatche is averaging 10 points and 5 rebounds in 25 minutes per game in March (8.1 Game Score).

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The Lakers dealt with major injury decline at the shooting guard position when they not only saw Kobe Bryant's numbers drop from 2012-13 to 2013-14 (he went from 19.5 Game Score, 27 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds in 39 minutes per game for 78 contests last season to 8.1 Game Score, 14 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds in 30 minutes per game in only 6 contests this season) after suffering a torn Achilles tendon at the end of 2012-13. Then when Kobe suffered a left tibial plateau fracture December 18, six games after his comeback, his 2013-14 season was eventually shut down.

His Replacement In March: Jodie Meeks has assumed some of the scoring load, averaging 18 points in 34 minutes per game in March (12.9 Game Score).

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Rose was not quite his 2010-11 MVP self (18.7 Game Score, 25 points and 8 assists in 37 minutes per game for 81 games) when he finally came back from multiple surgeries in 2013-14 (7.4 Game Score, 16 points and 4 assists in 31 minutes per game for 10 contests), when yet another surgery (right knee) prematurely ended his comeback November 23. That said, the Bulls are hoping another season off can get their former star healthy again.

His Replacement In March: D.J. Augustin has been a sneaky-good fantasy player this month, averaging 17 points and 4 assists in 30 minutes per game (12.0 Game Score).

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Despite Denver's depth, the Nuggets have sorely missed Gallinari and his versatile game in all of 2013-14 after the tweener forward underwent left knee surgery in October 2013. In 2012-13, Galinarri had a 11.9 Game Score and averaged 16 points and 5 rebounds in 33 minutes per game for 71 games.

His Replacement In March: Gallinari's replacement Wilson Chandler injured his hip this week. Until then, Chandler had been averaging 14 points and 5 rebounds in 32 minutes per game (7.8 Game Score) in March 2014. Evan Fournier is probably next up to bat.

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Technically, 19-year-old rookie Noel never started for the Sixers, but it is likely he would have if the No. 6 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft had been healthy and not underwent left knee surgery October 2. Especially when you consider he may have been taken first in the draft, had he not been injured.

His Replacement In March: Noel's latest replacement Henry Sims is averaging 10 points and 7 rebounds in 27 minutes per game during March.