Devin Harris lives life in the fast lane. But this isnít one of those cautionary tales of flaming out too soon (truth be told, Devin is as unpretentious as a professional athlete could be). Weíre talking about the All-Starís palate for driving down the block and driving towards the hoop.Speed is his weapon of choice, evident by lightning-quick layups and his custom-designed Maserati and Ferrari. We caught up with the Netsí franchise point guard on an overcast, chilly day last fall on the Weehawken waterfront. With the New York City skyline as a backdrop, Devin showed us his current fleet of choice cars (heís got a few more in Dallas), while also talking about his lifestyle off the court and showing us a behind-the-scenes look at the life of one of the Leagueís most engaging superstars. So hop on in and join us for a ride as we welcome HOOPís newest addition, car editor Devin Harris. Just be sure to buckle up..

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What year did you get the Maserati?
I got it in 2008.

How do you like the way it drives?
Iím usually a guy who likes fast carsóvery rarely do you get a fast car with the ability to have a lot of people in it. When Maserati came out with the Quattroporte, I knew I wanted something with a backseat that was still able to get up and move, and this fit the bill.

Is speed something you really look for in a car?
Yeah. Obviously Iím a guy that runs fast, likes to play fast and when Iím driving I like to pick up the speed as well. I like to have a little bit more pick-up in my cars.

Were there any bells and whistles you wanted to add when you got the car?
Thereís some stitching in the seats, but I didnít really want to add too much. Itís already got the Bose speakers so it already sounds pretty good. I like to be able to play the iPod, so thatís the only thing I really added to this one.

Is this the car you drive around mostly in the state and when you go to the city?
Probably just in the state. I donít really drive this one in the city too often. The potholes donít really go too well with the tires, Iíve had a few flats here and there. [laughs] So I try to keep this one out of the city as much as possible and more stateside in New Jersey.

Is it a big difference learning to drive in New Jersey and the area compared to Dallas and Wisconsin?
It is. The roads being the way they are, Iím trying to dodge potholes, and dealing with more of the winter stuff, the snow, it takes a little bit of time. It kind of reminds me of driving back home in Wisconsin.

Did the U-Turns confuse you?
Yeah, thereís not many left-hand turns. [laughs] That took me a while to get used to. And in the city you canít make a right on a red light. And you canít pump your own gas [in New Jersey]. That kind of threw me off, too.

When you were growing up did you have a ride you always wanted?
When I was growing up, one of my best friends got me into sports cars and he drove an Eagle Talon. He was a few years older than me, so when I got to 16, the kind of car I was looking forward to getting was an Eagle Talon. They stopped making them a few years after that I think, so Mitsubishi starting making the Eclipse and I was really looking forward to getting into that. But thatís what kind of got me into the sports cars, driving stick and that feeling from him driving us aroundówe were only freshmen at the time, he was a senior. The Eagle Talon was that car.

Video: Watch Devin Review the Volkswagon Touareg

Was your first car an Eclipse?
It was not. I had a certain price range that my dad wanted to get my first car and we could not find one in that price range. So I had to settle. My first car was a Pontiac Sunfire. It was stick shift and I got in an accident within the first five days that I had it. [laughs] It was my first time really driving stick on a primary basis and it was my fault. I picked up my boy going to school and I actually backed into a tree. [laughs] I thought I was in first, but I wasnít in first, I was in reverse.

Has there been one teammate in particular that always came real big with the car game?
In my rookie year, and heís another guy that really got me into the car selection, and thatís Michael Finley. As a rookie I had to [attend] to his cars and boy, does he have a car collection! Iíd wash his cars, get them detailed, things of that sort, and he actually let me borrow a couple of them for dates and thing like that. But his car collection really got me into the Ferraris and the Maseratis and such. But the car I liked the most that I used to love to take out was the Aston Martin.

On the flipside has there ever been a teammate that everyone kind of clowns on for the car he chooses to ride?
Not really. There are guys who have basic cars, but not really one guyÖIíll tell you, Erick Dampier. He drove this car for the three years that I was in Dallas and then he finally got a new truck and we like threw a party for him.

Howíd you choose the color for the Maserati?
The color has a lot to do with where I went to school. Iím a big fan of red, obviously the Badgers, and it even goes back to high school, the red, black and white were our team colors. My girlfriend in high school, her dad always had a red car, he was big into Lexus, but he always had to get red and that kind of rubbed off on me when I chose this.

Can you talk about the rims?
They came standard but I wanted more of an effect. Iím a big kind of matchy-matchy guy, even when I dress, so I like the rims to kind of match the cars. I didnít want to put too much into the rims, I wanted to keep a lot of things standard, so I just chose to paint the factory wheels and match them with the car.

Do you have any speakers in the trunk?
Iím not a big speaker guy. Obviously with this kind of car they did it justice by having Bose speakers already in, so I didnít do a whole lot with the speaker system.

Now you had a black Ferrari before the white one?
My first one that I had was black-on-black. I gave that up when I was traded. In purchasing this one I didnít want to go with the same black, and this one I actually got out of San Francisco. It kind of goes into the Badger thing as well, the white with the red interior.

What are some of the things you like about this one compared to the black model?
What is there not to like about this one? [laughs] This one actually comes with a few things the í07 didnít have; the one thing I like the most is when you have the top down, it gives you a button that allows the speaker system to [boost] a little bit more so you can hear a little bit more from the speakers when youíre driving. I think this one has a little bit more horsepower.

Would you say this one is your favorite?
Oh, without question. This is my baby right here.

Video: Watch Devin Review the Volkswagon Touareg


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His whip game resembles his floor game to a T: speed, style and superior quality. Devin Harris is New Jerseyís man in the driverís seat

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