About HOOP

Jan 28 2009 10:56AM

The official NBA magazine, HOOP serves the avid NBA fan that wants a view of their favorite players and teams beyond the usual news and profiles. With insight-providing articles supplemented with world-class photography, the reader gets a panoramic view of the game and the League's best personalities. With viewpoints and insight from the players themselves—HOOP sports a regular lineup of current and former NBA players who regularly contribute to the magazine—HOOP is truly a publication for the reader whose passion for the game exceeds points and rebounds. The magazine examines more than just the game. Through the prism of basketball culture, HOOP reports on the lifestyle issues relevant to today's NBA player and fan: entertainment, style, fashion, technology, health and more.

Ming Wong #2 Editor in Chief
Kengyong Shao #31 Design Director
Matt Candela #52 Associate Designer
Seth Berkman #91 Assistant Editor
Jeramie McPeek #4 Editor at Large
Lois Elfman #40 WNBA Editor
Michael Bradley #53 Senior Writer
Scott Steinberg #77 Videogame Editor

NBA Contributors
Bruce Bowen #12 D-Editor
Shane Battier #31 Tech Editor
Zaza Pachulia #27 Style Editor
Channing Frye #7 Straight Shooter
Rick Barry #24 Editorial Sage
Adonal Foyle #31 Literary Editor
Morris Almond #22 The Rook
Jalen Rose #5 Fab 5 Editor
Nate Robinson #4 Videogame Editor