24 Seconds:

May 1 2009 5:26PM
...with Kevin Durant
By Jeramie McPeek #4

:24 HOOP: Your team just landed in Dallas. Whatís the Thunderís charter plane like?
Durant: Itís nice. Thereís first class seats in the front of the plane and then thereís a big table with seats around it, where guys play cards or bring their computers.

:23 HOOP: How about the food?
Durant: Well, it was only a 30-minute flight to Dallas, so we had some chicken tenders and wings. But if weíre on a long flight, weíll get P.F. Changís or a nice steak restaurant. We eat good.

:22 HOOP: Speaking of flying, we hear Michael Jordan nicknamed you ďFlight 35Ē?
Durant: Michael Jordan named me that? Thatís the first time Iíve heard that nickname. Thatís unbelievable. I didnít know Michael Jordan even knew who I was.

:21 HOOP: Well, maybe weíre spreading rumors. We read that on Wikipedia.
Durant: I love it. Thatís cool. Iím going to have to use that.

:20 HOOP: How much fun was All-Star for you?
Durant: Oh, I had tons of fun, just mingling with the other NBA players and relaxing for a couple days. It was my first time actually watching the dunk contest live, seeing the three-point contest. So it was fun.

:19 HOOP: Youíre parents, grandmother and cousins were there on hand when you set the record for points in the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge, and won TNTís H-O-R-S-E competition. That must have been special.
Durant: Yeah, everybody was there. I wanted all my family and all my closest friends, who helped me get to this point, to be there and celebrate with me.

:18 HOOP:We now know you can play H-O-R-S-E, but has Kevin Durant ever ridden a horse?
Durant:No, I havenít and I donít think I ever will. I would be terrified of that. Plus, I donít think the organization would approve of me riding a horse right now.

:17 HOOP:Okay, that was a dumb question. Letís get back to basketball. It sounds like you were consumed by the game growing up.
Durant:Yeah, thatís all I did. As soon as school was over I would jog to the gym and be there until maybe nine or 10 oíclock. And on the weekends, thatís when Iíd really play. Iíd get up in the morning and go straight to the gym, and be there until 11 at night.

:16 HOOP:Sounds like a Nike commercial. Speaking of which, whatís your all-time favorite Nike spot?
Durant: I think the one where all the guys, like Jason Williams and Vince Carter, were dribbling and they were making like a beat.5 That was my favorite.

:15 HOOP:We enjoyed your NBA commercial last year where you were pulling off all the different jerseys from throughout your basketball career, one by one. How uncomfortable was it wearing all of those at once?
Durant: It was cool. They made sure everything was properly fitted and it wasnít aggravating. It was quick and easy.

:14 HOOP:Wait, you really were wearing them all at once? We were joking about that. We figured that was all done with special effects.
Durant:Oh, yeah? No, I wore them all at once. They did a good job.

:13HOOP:Speaking of jerseys, you traded in your Sonics jersey for a Thunder jersey this season. How was that transition for you?
Durant: That was tough to deal with at first. But I think the organization did a great job to make sure the transition was smooth from Seattle to Oklahoma. It was kind of like getting traded without moving teams.

:12 HOOP: You got traded, but got to take your teammates with you.
Durant:Yeah, it was a big package deal.

:11 HOOP:How do you like Oklahoma City?
Durant:Itís nice. Itís small, the people are nice. The weatherís always good, aside from maybe a tornado or two.

:10 HOOP: Have you experienced any tornadoes yet?
Durant:Not yet. There was one when we were on the road. Fortunately, we werenít there. I think weíll be prepared, though. Iíve got a basement.

:09 HOOP:Perfect transition to our next topic. We hear that your favorite TV program is VH1ís Celebrity Homes.
Durant: Oh yeah, I watch that all the time. Tony Gonzalezís home was really nice. He has a home in California that I really liked. Hopefully one of these days I can be on there.

:08 HOOP: You told us you have a basement, but whatís the rest of your house like?
Durant:Well, itís not like MTVís Cribs, but itís pretty decent. Itís got five bedrooms and a nice pool in the back. Itís just a blessing to have my first7 house.

:07 HOOP: HOOP: Whatís your favorite room to hang out in?
Durant: Itís like a kitchen/living room. Itís all one big room. Weíve got a TV there and the video games, so thatís where we spend all our time.

:06 HOOP: Whatís your favorite decoration or accessory?
Durant:Iíve got a big painting in that same room. So every time I walk in there, I look at it. It goes with the house very well.

:05 HOOP: We were setting you up to say your Rookie of the Year trophy.
Durant:Thatís in my studio room, where I do all my music and listen to music.

:04 HOOP: Wait, you make music? We didnít know about this.
Durant: I just got into it this year. Joe Smith got me into it. I do some mixing and try to make some hip-hop beats on the keyboard I have. I just wanted to try something I havenít done before.

:03 HOOP: Who do you like to listen to?
Durant: Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Iím a big, big, Beyoncť fan. I think sheís the best artist ever in the world. Sheís unbelievable. I love her. I really do love her with all my heart [laughs].

:02 HOOP:Have you ever met her?
Durant:No, I havenít. I donít know if I ever will because I would just freeze up. Iíve seen her before in person. She walked past me, but I was too scared to say anything.

:01 HOOP:What would Jay-Z say if he found out you loved her with all your heart?
Durant: I donít think he would like that, but it really doesnít matter to me as long as I know it [laughs].