Basketball Without Borders, Americas: Adonal Foyle

Position: Center
NBA Career Averages
Height/Weight: 6 ft 10 in / 270 lbs
Born: March 9, 1975
Country: St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Years in the NBA: 12
Golden State Warriors (1997-2007)
Orlando Magic (2007-2008, 2009 -2010)
Memphis Grizzlies (2008-2009)

  • Foyle was drafted 8th overall by the Golden State Warriors in the 1997 NBA Draft. He went on to play with the team for ten seasons and was the Warriors’ longest-tenured players at the time he left the team in August 2007.
  • Foyle finished among the 10 highest players in blocks per game in a season three times in his NBA career.

  • Foyle now serves as director of player development for the Orlando Magic.
  • In 2001, Foyle founded Democracy Matters, to counteract political apathy on college campuses.
  • In 2005, Foyle founded the Kerosene Lamp Foundation which serves children in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
  • Foyle was inducted into the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame in September 2009. Only eight other NBA players have been given the same honor.

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    NBA Legends and coaches will run the camp
  • Adonal Foyle
    Foyle, who hails from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, was a revered defensive presence during his time in the league. Active in the community, Foyle was inducted into the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame in 2009.

  • Allan Houston
    One of the most prolific 3-point shooters in the history of the NBA, Houston's now an assistant general manager for the New York Knicks. After 10 years in New York, he became a fan favorite not only for his play on the court, but his work off of it.

  • Sam Perkins
    An 18-year veteran of the NBA, "Big Smooth" was one of the league's best-shooting big men during his playing days. Before entering the NBA, Perkins co-captained the gold medal-winning US team at the 1984 Olympics.

  • Dominique Wilkins
    "The Human Highlight Film" will bring the skills and knowledge that made him a nine-time All-Star and a 2006 Hall of Fame inductee to the camp, along with the commitment to the community that's made him a legend in Atlanta and around the world.