The Golden State Warriors will be celebrating 40 years in the Bay Area by wearing retro uniforms from the 1966-67 season for five home games, part of the NBA's Hardwood Classic nights. We've taken a fashionable look back at some of the past uniforms the teams have worn in their history.

Warriors VP and Assistant GM Al Attles has been with the club for over 40 years, but has never had much input in the uniform designs. "It was generally up to the owner and designers. In the beginning, uniforms were very generic. 'The City' uniform opened up the floodgates in terms of changing uniforms in the league."

Original Warriors
As the first champions in 1946-47, the Philadelphia Warriors wore a classic solid color with the abbreviation "PHILA" on the front. Leading scorer Joe Fulks displays his number 10 that he wore to a 23.2 ppg average.
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Philly Pride
With only a slight modification, the next Warriors uniform brought in a stripe below a smaller number display. Paul Arizin perfected his jumpshot in this gear.
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Go West Big Man
With the move to the West Coast, the Warriors displayed their new home, SAN FRANCISCO, on the front of the chest of Wilt Chamberlain.
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Show Me Warriors
A few years later, they dropped the team name and embraced the team nickname along with Nate Thurmond. "Uniforms back then didn't have names on the back," Attles said. "It was different to put the nickname on the front."
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City Kids
Al Attles on these creative duds: "It had the bridge on the front with the words The City and a cable car on the back... Imagine, weíre in New York, people from New York consider it the Big Apple, The City...I donít know if it was intentional or not, but nobody wanted to be the first to take the jacket off. Finally, we take the jackets off and Iíll be darned if we donít get a standing ovation from the New York crowd."
Walter Iooss, Jr
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Where are we?
As the team moved to play in Oakland and became the Golden State Warriors, the new uniform lets everyone know exactly where in California they reside. Let there be no mistake as Eric "Sleepy" Floyd directs the offense.
Andrew D. Bernstein
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Blue and Gold
The simple look was back in in the late 1980's. The team logo moves to the shorts and Chris Mullin was able to wear these (along with a buzz-cut) as he blitzed the rest of the NBA with jumpers.
Gary Dineen
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Present Day
Today's Warriors' uniform uses a stronger blue and the new logo "Warriors" across the front. Jason Richardson uses those powers to soar over the Kings for a layup.
Rocky Widner
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Dec. 6 vs. New York Knicks
Dec. 23 vs. Los Angeles Lakers
Jan. 19 vs. Utah Jazz
Jan. 30 vs. Chicago Bulls
Apr. 14 vs. Sacramento Kings