The Philadelphia 76ers went back in time; not to 1776, but to 1965-66 to be exact. The Sixers, who are playing their 41st season in Philadelphia, celebrated their rich history in Philadelphia by taking part in the NBA Hardwood Classic nights.

The Sixers will sport their retro-uniforms on March 30th against the Golden State Warriors.

Here we take a look back at some of the uniforms the Sixers have sported in their history.

Nat-tily Attired
The Sixers' family tree had roots in Syracuse, N.Y. where the Sixers started as the Syracuse Nationals. Here, Hall of Famer Dolph Schayes wears the Nationals uniform with the nickname in a script abbreviation.
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First Sixers
The 76ers' media guide notes that these first Philadelphia 76ers uniforms were "Betsy Ross-inspired. Adorned with a circle of stars on both the shorts and the back of the jersey surrounding the player's number, the stars quickly became a hallmark of the Sixers uniforms."
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Two-Toned Sixers
This uniform lasted one season for the Sixers. According to the Sixers media guide, the players thought the high waistband and baggy shorts were "flashy and uncomfortable." How times have changed.
Ken Regan
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Hitting the (Art) Deco
The Sixers wore these for five seasons, and went 144-266 in them. The Sixers media guide notes that the numbers are "art deco." The away uniform was royal blue.
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Bicentennial Special
The Sixers wore these for only one season. (They went 50-32.) Check out the cursive lettering. Sixers great Billy Cunningham and one-time Sixers GM Pat Williams helped design these uniforms.
Jim Cummins
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Another One-Termer
These uniforms lasted only a season as well and the Sixers had an even better record (55-27) in these. In case you didn't know, that's Julius "The Doctor" Erving.
Neil Liefer
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The Doctor is In ... These Unis for a While
Thanks to Harvey Pollack and his excellent stats staff, we know the Sixers played 1,066 games in these uniforms, more than any uniform in Sixers history. These simple, stylish uniforms were the only ones Sixers greats Moses Malone and Andrew Toney ever wore.
Walter Iooss Jr.
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Graphic Departure
The Sixers wore these for three seasons. The Sixers' media guide called these unis: "a departure." We'll say. Here, Jeff Malone sports the Sixers stars.
Jonathan Daniel
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Back to Basics
The Sixers ditched the stars and went back to simple lettering. They wore white, as Allen Iverson does here, at home and red on the road.
Steven Freeman
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The Many Looks of Iverson
In 1997, the Sixers faded to black -- black road uniforms for the first time in their history. They also added gold and silver to the trim. And after 19 years of red road uniforms, the Sixers added a blue alternate road uni. Also in this photo collage, Iverson wears the throwback to the 1965-66 season.
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Take a look at a photo gallery of the 2004 Sixers in the retro look.
Feb. 5 vs. Los Angeles Lakers
Feb. 20 at Los Angeles Lakers
March 30 vs. Golden State Warriors