The Sacramento Kings have had one of the most colorful histories in the league, with a storied background that begins in Rochester and extends through Cinncinati, Kansas City, and finally out West. The Kings will be honoring Tiny Archibald by wearing retro uniforms from the 1975-76 season, part of the NBA's Hardwood Classic nights. We've taken a fashionable look back at some of the past uniforms the teams have worn in their history.

Started Out East
The original Royals played in Rochester from 1948-1956. Short-shorts were definitely the rage as Bob Davies modeled on the court for seven seasons.
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The franchise moved to Cincinnati in 1956, so the uniforms needed a change. It looks like they didn't get much, just the city name and, thankfully, longer shorts. Jack Twyman was a scoring ace for over 10 seasons.
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Oscar Models
The Cincinnati home uniforms were a bit more stylish. The red stripes and the team name in vertical are a plus all around. The Kings honored Oscar Robertson last season by wearing these unis.
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Not So Small
When the Royals moved to Kansas City in 1972 and became the Kings, another change was in order. This year, the Kings will honor Tiny Archibald by wearing the uniform from this era.
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The Sky is Blue
In the mid-80's, the Kings moved to Sacramento and felt a lighter shade would better show their identity. The powder blue worn by Reggie Theus became a hit all around the league (not really). Of note was the placement of the player's last name on the back of the jersey, below the number (not shown).
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Color Scheme
The Kings moved to purple as a primary color in 1995 with basic home whites. Mitch Richmond showcased it as a perrenial 20 point scorer.
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For one season in the early 1990's, the Kings introduced a second road uniform that couldn't decide if it wanted to be purple or black. Here, Lionel Simmons has one arm displayed in each.
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Current Stripes
The latest Kings uniform includes a lighter purple outline with a dominating team nickname that showcases a crown to dot the "i" in "Kings". Peja Stojakovic is an All-Star this season wearing this uniform.
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