What is basketball’s greatest Finals moment? What two players met in the game’s best duel? What is the greatest dunk of all time? The answers are up to you. From Feb. 15 through March 15, we asked you, the fans, to vote on the greatest plays, moments and players in NBA History. Your answers will be revealed during the "NBA's TOP 10 GREATEST" on The History Channel on April 21 at 8 p.m. ET along with debate and analysis from an expert panel of basketball legends, coaches and sportswriters have to say about it.

Question No. 9: What is the greatest dunk contest performance in NBA history?

Brent Barry, 1996
Though he's currently best known for his outside shooting and heady playmaking, Brent Barry was once a top-notch dunker who threw it down from the free-throw line to win the 1996 dunk contest.

Vince Carter, 2000
He went through his legs, hung from his elbow and put it down with two hands from the free-throw line. Simply put, there was nothing that Vince Carter didn't do en route to the 2000 dunking title.

Julius Erving, 1976
At the original dunk contest in Denver in 1976 (as part of the ABA All-Star Game), Dr. J's free-throw line dunk was the best-remembered jam of the night.

Michael Jordan, 1988
Lifted by his hometown fans, Michael capped an amazing performance by throwing down from the free-throw line.

Harold Miner, 1995
Best known as "Baby Jordan," Miner used a mix of power and showmanship to win his second dunk title in 1995.

Larry Nance, 1984
With a mix of power and grace, Phoenix's Larry Nance wins the first-ever Slam Dunk contest in 1984.

Jason Richardson, 2003
By doing dunks that had never been done before -- see his between-the legs, behind-the-head jam -- Jason Richardson won his second dunk title in 2003.

Spud Webb, 1986
At just 5-7, diminutive Hawks guard Spud Webb shocked the world by rising up and taking the 1986 Slam Dunk contest.

Kenny Walker, 1989
Nicknamed "Sky" for his ability to get off the ground, Kenny Walker overcame the passing of his father to take the 1989 title in Houston.

Dominique Wilkins, 1988
Overlooked in MJ's memorable performance was the outstanding effort put forth by The Human Highlight Reel, Dominique Wilkins.