Memorable Last-Second Shots in Postseason History

By hitting his improbable, leaning, game-winning jumper with 0.4 seconds left, Derek Fisher immediately joined the list of the game's greatest postseason shots ever. Take a look back at some of the best last-second shots in Playoffs and Finals history.
Fisher's amazing heave
2004 Western Conference Semifinals:
The only thing that could top Tim Duncan's go-ahead leaner with 0.4 seconds left? Derek Fisher's game-winner as time expires.
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Horry's cold-blooded three
2002 Western Conference Finals:
Robert Horry drives a dagger through the hearts of Kings fans.
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Elliott toes the line
1999 Western Conference Finals:
Sean Elliott's famous "Memorial Day Miracle" immediately became a tip-toe classic.
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Houston, hello!
1999 Eastern Conference First Round:
Allan Houston leaves Alonzo Mourning and the heavily-favored Heat extremely dejected.
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Mike's Finals memory
1998 NBA Finals:
Michael Jordan's most memorable moment? This Jazz jumper is definitely up there.
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Smooth Jazz
1997 Western Conference Finals:
John Stockton hits the improbable 3-pointer against the Rockets.
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The ultimate turnaround
1997 Western Conference First Round:
Phoenix's Rex Chapman hits a falling-out-of-bounds 3-pointer to send the game into overtime.
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Sealed with a kiss
1995 Western Conference Semifinals:
Mario Elie "kisses" the Suns goodbye.
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Zo hits the floor
1993 Eastern Conference First Round:
Alonzo Mourning sets Charlotte abuzz with this last-second shot.
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Jordan wins it
1989 Eastern Conference First Round:
Cavs fans still can't bear to watch MJ's double-pump over Craig Ehlo.
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Baby hook
1987 NBA Finals:
Magic's baby hook sinks the Celtics.
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Bird hugs DJ
1987 Eastern Conference Finals:
The second-most famous steal in Celtics history leads to a lay-in win for Boston.
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Rockets celebrate
1986 Western Conference Finals:
Houston flips for Ralph Sampson's game-winner.
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Heard it was good
1976 NBA Finals:
Gar's shot was Heard 'round the world.
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Kareem hooks the Celtics
1974 NBA Finals:
Kareem KOs the Celtics with a sky-hook.
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West launches
1970 NBA Finals:
Jerry West shows why he's forever known as "Mr. Clutch."
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