The 1990s. The decade began with George Bush as the President of the United States and ends with his namesake son running for the same office. Now cell phones are almost as ubiquitous as televisions, the Internet and e-mail connect friends and families around the world and the WNBA has captured summer sports fans of all ages.

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In the NBA, it was a decade of great change, as well. The '90s saw the retirement of NBA superstars like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan (twice) and the debut of the next generation of stars in Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. In the '90s the NBA celebrated its 50th anniversary and expanded to Canada with the Toronto Raptors and the Vancouver Grizzlies. In 1992, an American Dream Team of basketball's greatest stars went to Barcelona and won the Olympic gold medal in basketball, the first time NBA players had been allowed to participate in the Olympic Games. And they did it again in 1996 in Atlanta.

Michael Jordan
The decade pretty much belonged to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.
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On the court, the decade pretty much belonged to Jordan and his Chicago Bulls, who won six NBA championships in eight seasons to become one of the greatest dynasties in team sports. Jordan led the league in scoring in every full season in which he played in the decade, won four MVP awards in the '90s, and created countless magical moments which solidified his claim to Best Player Ever.

It was a decade of records being broken, by people like John Stockton (career assists and steals), Lenny Wilkens (career wins) and A.C. Green (consecutive games played). It was a time when international players like Toni Kukoc, Arvydas Sabonis and the late Drazen Petrovic showed that all you needed to play in the NBA was talent and determination. And it was an era in which the NBA truly became a global sport, with NBA games being played all around the world, from Mexico to Japan.

And so as the year 2000 rapidly approaches, let's reflect on the players and moments that made the 1990s so memorable. Which stars and events really stood out in the past decade? Who was the best center, guard and forward? Which coach made an indelible mark, leaving a legacy that will be remembered through the next decade? How great were Jordan's Bulls? How did Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets step forward to claim two titles of their own? And who will we be talking about as the next decade comes to a close, at the end of 2009?