Enjoy a photo gallery of NBA players in last season's Hardwood Classics games.
Rocky Widner
NBAE/Getty Images
NEW YORK, Nov. 20 -- The NBA and its teams will celebrate the past with a series of retro games entitled NBA Hardwood Classics Nights. As part of NBA Hardwood Classics Nights, 12 teams will honor their history by commemorating franchise milestones, anniversaries, and legendary teams and players with retro uniforms, special ceremonies, in-arena entertainment and promotions.

The first NBA Hardwood Classics games will take place on Thanksgiving Night with a doubleheader on TNT starting at 8 p.m. ET with the Indiana Pacers hosting the New York Knicks, followed by the Los Angeles Clippers hosting the New Jersey Nets.

This is the third consecutive season that NBA teams have recognized their past with a themed night. During the 2001-02 season, the Los Angeles Lakers honored their Minneapolis roots with a special ceremony, banner unveiling, attendance by Minneapolis legends including George Mikan and retro uniforms. Last season, eight teams hosted NBA Hardwood Classics Nights games.

During the 2003-04 regular NBA season, the following 12 teams will participate in Hardwood Classic Nights:

Indiana Pacers
Who? Indiana Pacers
Celebrating? 30th anniversary of ABA title
Uniform? 1972-73 home white
First game? Nov. 27 (TNT)
  • Uniform history

  • Los Angeles Clippers
    Who? Los Angeles Clippers
    Celebrating? 25 years in California
    Uniform? 1978-79 home white
    First game? Nov. 27 (TNT)
  • Uniform history

  • Golden State Warriors
    Who? Golden State Warriors
    Celebrating? 40th anniversary in Bay Area
    Uniform? 1966-67 home gold
    First game? Dec. 6
  • Uniform history

  • Atlanta Hawks
    Who? Atlanta Hawks
    Celebrating? 35th anniversary
    Uniform? 1971-72 home green
    First game? Dec. 12
  • Uniform history

  • San Antonio Spurs
    Who? San Antonio Spurs
    Celebrating? 30th anniversary
    Uniform? 1973-74 home silver
    First game? Dec. 13
  • Uniform history

  • Los Angeles Lakers
    Who? Los Angeles Lakers
    Celebrating? First teams in Los Angeles
    Uniform? 1965-66 road blue
    First game? Dec. 23
  • Uniform history

  • Orlando Magic
    Who? Orlando Magic
    Celebrating? 15th anniversary
    Uniform? 1988-89 road bl
    First game? Dec. 25 (ESPN)
  • Uniform history

  • Seattle SuperSonics
    Who? Seattle SuperSonics
    Celebrating? 35th anniversary
    Uniform? 1969-70 home gold
    First game? Jan. 13
  • Uniform history

  • Utah Jazz
    Who? Utah Jazz
    Celebrating? 25th anniversary in Utah
    Uniform? 1979-80 home white
    First game? Jan. 15
  • Uniform history

  • Chicago Bulls
    Who? Chicago Bulls
    Celebrating? History of the Bulls
    Uniform? 1984-85 road red
    First game? Jan. 27
  • Uniform history

  • Philadelphia 76ers
    Who? Philadelphia 76ers
    Celebrating? 40th anniversary
    Uniform? 1965-66 home blue, white
    First game? Feb. 5 (TNT)
  • Uniform history

  • Sacramento Kings
    Who? Sacramento Kings
    Celebrating? Tiny Archibald tribute
    Uniform? 1975-76 home white
    First game? Feb. 6 (ESPN)
  • Uniform history