I really didn't want it, but now that I've won it, it's nice. It's an honor. It's nice to know people don't think you're a total idiot. ... It must have been a poor year for coaches.

--Doug Moe, after winning the 1987-88 NBA Coach of the Year award

My only rule is that you have to dress better than me to be acceptable.
--Doug Moe, a notoriously bad dresser, explaining his team's lax dress code

Am I in a beauty contest or something? I wasn't put on this earth to look good or impress anybody.
--Doug Moe, on dressing for success

"I've never been comfortable with a tie. In my mind ties are ridiculous for a coach to wear. This is an emotional business. It's not like sitting in an office trying to impress people. Some of these guys could be strangling, dying and they wouldn't loosen their ties."
--Doug Moe

"My big advantage over other people is that I've always been less mature than my age. Even though my body is old and I can barely walk, mentally I'm still 12."
--Doug Moe, on his personality

"Cafeterias are my favorite place to eat out. A lot of people wouldn't be caught dead in a cafeteria. ... Where else can you inspect a prepared entree before ordering it?"
--Doug Moe

Hes a stiff.
--Doug Moe, on any number of players

Moe: Alex, you c---------.
English: You cant call me a c---------. Youre a c---------.
Moe: I know Im a c---------. Now get out there and play some defense you c---------.
--Doug Moe, coaching Alex English during a game

"The passing game is basically doing whatever the hell you want. But tell me what coach is going to say, 'We're a freelance team'? It sounds like you're not coaching. Hey, if a coach gets some sort of thrill when the team runs a play right, that's good. I just happen to think differently.
--Doug Moe, on his unique offense and coaching philosophy

When the games over, its over.
--Doug Moe

We got no shot to beat the Lakers.
--Doug Moe, handicapping the Nuggets' matchup with the 65-17 L.A. Lakers in the First Round of the 1987 NBA Playoffs. The Lakers swept the series and went on the win the 1987 NBA Finals.

Id rather have three forks.
--Doug Moe, when asked his opinion on the controversial "Two Forks" political issue

"Somebody said to me, 'It's Friday the 13th, are you going to be jinxed?' I said, 'Bleep, you can't jinx us.'"
--Doug Moe, on his 1992-93 Philadelphia 76ers, who were 1-7 in the preseason and 0-3 at the start of the regular season

"People think this is tough. I ain't gonna tell 'em any different."
--Doug Moe, on coaching

"You can't coach without caring."
--Doug Moe

"I never wanted to be a head coach.
--Doug Moe

"I don't ponder the meaning of life. For me, the meaning of life is to enjoy it. It goes fast. And I was put here to meet Big Jane."
--Doug Moe, on life and his wife