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Image link to Always A Champion

Always A Champion

Relive the career of one of the greatest winners in NBA history: legendary Celtics center Bill Russell. Russell's bio | Career stats | A true barrier-breaker | Russell's career | Impact in Boston

Image link to Not Too Shabby, Huh?

Not Too Shabby, Huh?

From the first ring in 1999 to this year's title, the Spurs have thrived in The Finals.

Image link to Scoring Stars

Scoring Stars

Both Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson had memorable playoff moments in the 2000s.

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NBA Interactive Timeline

Image link to Iconic NBA moments

Iconic NBA moments

Relive and appreciate all of the NBA's greatest moments with our interactive timeline.

Photos: Through The Years

Image link to Best teams of the 1940s & '50s

Best teams of the 1940s & '50s

The Hawks, Celtics and others teams got off to strong starts in the infancy of the NBA.



Image link to Not strong enough

Not strong enough

The Bucks of the early '80s were always short of a Finals trip.


Image link to Always Sir Charles

Always Sir Charles

On and off the court, Charles Barkley was a wild force.

NBA Legends

Image link to Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing

From Draft day to his last day as a player, Patrick Ewing never stopped striving for a championship.

All-Star Video

Image link to Dancin' machine

Dancin' machine

In 2007, Shaq held an impromptu dance contest at practice.


Image link to Snagging a gem

Snagging a gem

Ben Wallace went from undrafted to NBA superstar.

Season Review: 1984-85

Image link to Solid start, great finish

Solid start, great finish

From the 1984 Draft to the 1985 Finals, the 1984-85 campaign was one of the all-time greats.

Classic All-Star Games

Image link to 1975 All-Star Game

1975 All-Star Game

With a big night in Phoenix, Walt Frazier picked up the lone All-Star Game MVP trophy of his career.