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Spotlight On HEAT Scouting Guru Chet Kammerer

Jun 7 2004 10:00AM

He’s got an eye for talent, a flair for identifying potential and an expansive knowledge of the game of basketball. With more than 30 years experience as a coach at many levels, HEAT Director of Player Personnel Chet Kammerer dedicates his career to evaluating and scouting prospective HEAT players here and abroad.

Responsible for the evaluation of college, European, minor league and NBA players, Kammerer’s familiarity with the hundreds of potential and current professional basketball players is unprecedented, and with the NBA Draft just moments away, his expertise is exactly what the HEAT has ordered.

With a database of prospects that are tracked beginning in their high school playing days through their college careers, Kammerer and his scouting team work their way around the map to assess everyone from high school phenoms to college standouts and overseas All-Stars.

In search of a player who rises above his peers in skill and capability, Kammerer says he believes the most crucial point of accurate evaluation comes during game-time minutes because this is where a player plays his biggest role – demonstrating how he performs in the particular system, with his teammates and under pressure.

Today, the trend of the game has shifted, as the age of a player is often not a factor. Every player over the age of 18 is now a potential prospect. Whether a player is evaluated on a college or high school level, Kammerer accumulates a wealth of information, ranging from his actual scouting game reports, practice habits, responsiveness to the coach, interaction with teammates and more. Most importantly, Kammerer is in search of a player who is a blend of outstanding talent and a match to Head Coach Stan Van Gundy's system.

As the season progresses, Kammerer and his crew compile lists of their top suggestions, proceeding to follow these players more closely and seriously. As the Draft approaches and exceptional players begin to surface – especially after post-season tournaments and camps – there is an abundance of hearsay surrounding the direction the Draft will go. However, Kammerer says it is important to remain focused and not allow his opinions to sway too much either way, emphasizing how important consistency throughout the season is.

Involved with the game his whole life, growing up in Indiana in a “Hoosiers”-like basketball community, Kammerer eats and breathes basketball. Following his own high school and college playing days, he coached Westmont College for 17 seasons, served as assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers for two years under current HEAT President and General Manager, Basketball Operations Randy Pfund, and then accepted a head coaching position with Braunschweig, a Division 1 Professional Basketball Team in Germany.

Kammerer was brought on-board to the HEAT by Pfund in 1997 and says the best part of his job is his involvement in the process and challenge of putting together a roster that can represent the HEAT well. With a strong coaching foundation, he brings to the table an invaluable understanding of the game and knowledge of how players develop and mature, an important projection for the future success of a prospect. With all of his experience in the field, Kammerer is becoming more and more savvy each season, learning tips along the way, getting a better grip of how to run his system, all the while looking back and rating himself on how accurate his own judgments were.

As another exciting season of HEAT basketball fast approaches, Kammerer and the scouting staff are up for the task of adding the newest HEAT member to the roster. After welcoming the HEAT’s rookie into the family, the hardworking group is immediately off to their next stop in search of next year’s superstars.