2005-06 HEAT Photogallery

HEAT Parade At Disney

Championship Trophy Tour

Championship Parade

Championship Celebration

Airport Arrival

White Hot Dancer Gallery 2

NBA Finals, Game 6

NBA Finals, Game 5

NBA Finals, Game 4

White Hot Dancer Gallery 1

Marilyn Culp/ HEAT Center

NBA Finals, Game 3

NBA Finals, Game 2

NBA Finals, Game 1

Dancer Gallery Twenty Two

Round 3, Game 6

Dancer Gallery Twenty One

Dancer Gallery Twenty

Round 3, Game 5

Round 3, Game 4

Round 3, Game 3

Round 3, Game 2

Round 3, Game 1

Dancer Gallery Nineteen

HEAT Academy
Carnival Scholarship

Round 2, Game 5

Round 2, Game 4

Round 2, Game 3

Round 2, Game 2

Dancer Gallery Eighteen

Round 2, Game 1

Dancer Gallery Seventeen

Round 1, Game 6

Round 1, Game 5

Round 1, Game 4

Round 1, Game 3

Round 1, Game 2

Round 1, Game 1

April 19th vs. Boston

April 18th vs. Atlanta

'Learn To Swim' Campaign

Dancer Gallery Sixteen

April 16th vs. Bulls

April 14th vs. 76ers

Dwyane Wade Read to Achieve

HEAT Health Tip Challenge

April 11th vs. Raptors

Dancer Gallery Fifteen

April 9th vs. Magic

April 8th @ Washington

April 6th vs Pistons

Read to Achieve Pep Rally

April 4th vs Bucks

April 2nd @ New Jersey

April 1st @ Cleveland

Dancer Swimsuit Gallery

March 29th @ Toronto

March 27th vs Pacers

9th Annual Family Festival

Family Festival Gala:
Michael McDonald Plays Motown

March 24th vs Bobcats

March 22nd @ Detroit

March 21st @ Minnesota

Dancer Gallery Fourteen

March 19th vs Knicks

March 18th vs Bulls

March 16th vs Celtics

March 14th vs Jazz

Dancer Gallery Thirteen

March 12th vs Cavaliers

March 10th vs Golden State

March 8th vs Wizards

March 6th @ Charlotte

March 4th vs Hawks

March 1st @ Boston

Dancer Gallery Twelve

February 27th vs. Raptors

Kids Clinic

February 25 vs. Sonics

February 22 @ New York

Playstation Skills Challenge

2006 All-Star

Valentines Day Weddings

February 15th @ Orlando

February 14th vs Magic

Dancer Gallery Eleven

Road Rally vs Mavericks

February 12th vs Pistons

February 9th @ Dallas

Business STH Reception
with Coach Riley

February 6th vs Celtics

February 4th @ New Jersey

Eighth Annual Golf Scramble

February 2nd vs Cavaliers

January 30th vs Clippers

January 29th @ Houston

January 27th vs Bobcats

January 26th vs Suns

January 24th vs Grizzlies

January 22nd vs Kings

January 20th vs Spurs

Youth Basketball Clinic

HEAT STH Game Show

Dancer Gallery Ten

January 16th @ LA Lakers

January 14th @ Utah

January 13th @ Seattle

January 11th @ Golden State

Dancer Gallery Nine

January 8th @ Portland

January 6th @ Phoenix

January 4th @ NO/Oklahoma City

Dancer Gallery Eight

January 1st vs Timberwolves

December 30 @ Washington

December 29th @ Detroit

December 27th vs Bucks

December 25th vs Lakers

December 23th vs Nets

Wade's World

Shaq-A-Claus Event

Holiday Hospital Visit

December 20th vs Hawks

Dancer Gallery Seven

Dolphin Mall Gallery

December 17th @ Cleveland

December 16th @ Philadelphia

December 14th @ Milwaukee

December 13th @ Chicago

Dancer Gallery Six

Dancer Gallery Five

December 11th vs Wizards

December 9th vs Nuggets

December 7th @ San Antonio

December 5th @ LA Clippers

December 3rd @ Denver

December 2nd @ Sacramento

Jr. Jam Gallery One

November 30 @ Atlanta

November 28 vs Knicks

Dancer Gallery Four

November 26 @ Orlando

November 25 vs Mavericks

November 23 vs Trailblazers

Thankgiving in Overtown

November 20 @ Toronto

November 18 vs. 76ers

HEAT Poker Night

November 15 vs. Hornets

Shaq Fundraiser Party

November 12 vs. Bobcats

November 10 vs Rockets

November 9 @ Indiana

Dancer Gallery Three

November 7 vs. Nets

Hurricane Wilma Relief Efforts

November 5 @ Milwaukee

November 3 vs. Pacers

November 2 @ Memphis

Dancer Gallery Two

October 27 @ Orlando

October 25 @ NO/Okla City

October 24 vs. Hawks

October 22 @ Detroit

Strike Miami

October 18 vs. Magic

Dancer Gallery One

October 15 vs. Bobcats

October 14 vs. Grizzlies

HEAT in Puerto Rico

October 10 vs. Spurs

Burnie in China

USO Gala Held to Honor
General Richard B. Myers

O'Neal Family Katrina
Relief Efforts

Katrina Relief
Press Conference

2005 Video Music Awards

Nestle Crunch Hot Shots

Back to School

Dancer Finals

Dancer Audition

Draft Photos