J.T. Townsend Foundation

J.T. Townsend Foundation

On June 4, 2013 a larger than life Miami HEAT fan, J.T. Townsend passed away in his home at 26 years of age. Townsend was a star football player during his high school years, but suffered a spinal cord injury in 2004 that left him paralyzed from the neck down. After the accident, Townsend finished high school in 2005 and graduated from the University of North Florida with his degree in sports management in April 2013.

Townsend dedicated his life after the injury to the J.T. Townsend Foundation, which raises money to provide medical equipment and help those with disabilities in Northeast Florida. His foundation was his way of repaying his community for the help they offered his family after his accident.

“My family and I were very blessed to have the support of our extended family, friends, and the Jacksonville community. For me and my family, giving back is a heartfelt and passionate endeavor.” explained Townsend on his website. “It is our hope that we can help others in their various circumstances and with varying disabilities, the way that we have been helped, and continue to be, by others. In addition, the joy of seeing someone receive is priceless.”

Townsend was a devoted Miami HEAT fan who constantly made comments of support and never missed a game. He was excited that the HEAT made it to the Finals and was looking forward to watching the HEAT beat the Spurs.

To learn more about the J.T. Foundation, visit jttownsendfoundation.org.

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