Bill Foran - Assistant Coach / Strength and Conditioning

Bill Foran

Bill Foran is a staple in Miami HEAT history. When HEAT players need proper health, strength and conditioning guidance, they simply look down the hallway to Foran’s office, where his knowledge and experience combine to provide an unparalleled advantage on the court.

Foran originally joined the HEAT as a strength and conditioning consultant the first year of the franchise before becoming a full-time staff member as the team’s strength and conditioning coach. That’s 25 seasons of summer workouts, games and practices. His responsibilities include designing and supervising exercises and nutrition plans that will maximize a player’s potential using a combination of strength training, plyometrics, conditioning and stretching.

“Playing in the NBA as an undrafted player for nine years with the same team is difficult and almost unachievable. But if you spend every summer in the weight room and conditioning with a coach that has a plan, a goal, and a desire to help you improve, it can happen,” said Keith Askins, former HEAT guard and current HEAT Assistant Coach. “Working with Coach Foran was a major reason why I was able to succeed in the NBA.”

The Central Michigan University graduate is the former president and co-founder of the National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association (NBCCA), a professional organization of certified NBA Head and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coaches whose mission is to improve the level of athletic performance of the NBA players and franchises.

Foran is also a leading voice in basketball training principles and is the author, along with nine other NBA strength and conditioning coaches, of three published books titled “Condition the NBA Way”, “NBA Power Conditioning” and “Complete Conditioning for Basketball”. The 2009 Co-NBA Strength Coach of the Year was also the sole editor of “High Performance Sports Conditioning.” Foran contributes to numerous basketball training blogs and national magazines as well.

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