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Invitation: Miami HEAT Superstar Dwyane Wade Teams Up with Art Studio Miami to Raise Funds for Local Youth Program

MIAMI, November 23 - Miami HEAT superstar Dwyane Wade and his charity, Wade's World Foundation, today announced a collaborative endeavor with Art Studio Miami, a local nonprofit aimed at empowering young people through artistic expression. The initiative, tied to Art Basel Miami 2010, will raise funds for the youth art program, based in Miami's Little Haiti.  

"The positive impact that art can have on a young person's life should never be underestimated" Wade said. "I am proud to support Art Studio Miami, and help inspire the talented youth in Little Haiti."

On November 20 and 21, Wade’s World Foundation sponsored 12 members of the youth community of Little Haiti, each ranging from the ages of eight to 18 and participating in creative and educational “TEAM” activities during Art Studio’s “WE ARE” integration program. Starting at 10AM each day, teaching artists, mentors and volunteers came together to support the participating youth, with activities including several art workshops, a “gratitude session,” and group meals. Throughout the entire process, the children had the opportunity to create their own personal work.   

The event will culminate in a “Hope in Action” cocktail reception from 7:30 to 9:30 PM on Friday, December 3 at the W Hotel South Beach, where the artwork created by the youth participants of the Art Studio Miami will be displayed and auctioned off to raise funds for their programs.  In addition, the works of the Art Studio Miami teaching artists, including those of Haitian decent, will accompany the student-featured show.   

“We’re thrilled to accept Dwyane’s very generous support of Art Studio Miami,” said Soralee Ayvar, Operations Director of Art Studio Miami.  “As one of the most respected, beloved public figures in Miami, not to mention a constant champion of youth initiatives, we could not have found a more passionate partner than Dwyane.”


Wade’s World Foundation provides support to community based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations. Dwyane was inspired to start the foundation because he wanted to give back to underserved communities and support issues of purpose. “I can’t just let basketball define who I am and what I am supposed to become,” said Wade.  “Like my mother always tells me, ‘[My life] is bigger than basketball.”” Since 2003, Dwyane and his family have been dedicated to giving back to their core communities in the Chicago and South Florida areas through a variety of community outreach programs. As the WWF continues to develop and expand, the mission is to touch young lives around the globe. Dwyane has hosted a free basketball camp for nearly 600 youth from the Robbins, Illinois, area for the last three years and for the first time in August 2007, he hosted “A Week of Wade’s World in South Florida” – a week-long series of events and appearances that touched hundreds of South Florida kids. With the goal of building a youth center in the area where he grew up, Dwyane will continue to support a variety of programs that inspire, uplift and motivate. 


Our Mission: Provide Creative-Holistic Art Integration to At-risk Youth

The mission of Art Studio Inc, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is to empower young minds by providing a safe location where youth are inspired and guided by artists, teachers and professional mentors who support the student’s education and career development through the integration of creative holistic arts. 

Our Vision: Healing Systemic Poverty with Creative-Holistic Art Integration

The Vision of Art Studio Inc. is to collaboratively advance the sponsorship and implementation of (creative-holistic) art integration in impoverished communities and schools. By utilizing all arts & wellness mediums we promote solutions that support human rights, life skills, education and career development. With these tools our at-risk ‘cradle to prison’ youth will be guided out of systemic poverty, towards a path of healing and success.