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Jason Jackson Has First In-Depth Sit-Down Interview With Shaquille ONeal Following His Return


MIAMI, February 5 – Following his much-anticipated return to the Miami HEAT lineup, Shaquille O’Neal will be featured in his very first in-depth sit-down interview this week on Sun Sports. Shaq sat down with Sun Sports’ Emmy Award-winning Miami HEAT host Jason Jackson on January 27 for the exclusive interview, which is scheduled to air during Sun Sports’ coverage of the Miami HEAT at Boston Celtics game this Wednesday, February 7.

On the current season:

“We’re getting back on track. We’re not there yet. We’re still under the radar. We’re under where people think we should be and we do not want to use any excuses and we will not use any excuses. We know we have to play better. We know we have to come together as a group, and I know I have to lead my guys.”

“Now that I’m going to be out there battling, I can do a better job of getting guys to do what they need to do.”

“Every championship team I’ve ever been on, the team had to learn to play without me.”

“I want to do what it takes to guarantee us to win a championship, and it’s very simple: play hard, play consistent, play together. We haven’t done that yet. Once we start doing that, once we get on a streak, we’ll be fine.”

On Alonzo Mourning :

“He’s always had my back ever since he rejoined the HEAT.”

“Right now, he’s putting a tremendous amount of stress on his body. He never complains, he never gives up, and that’s why I wanted to get back. He’s a great friend…a great man.”

On Pat Riley:

“The good thing about Coach Riley is that he’s an honest man. You like that and respect that.”