HEAT To Unveil New HEAT Player Introduction Video

MIAMI, 10/30 – The HEAT Experience takes a futuristic turn with the 08-09 Player Introduction Video sequence. The new Player Introduction Video will air in the AmericanAirlines Arena prior to the home opener against the Sacramento Kings on Halloween.

With imagery based upon the character “Mr. Smith” from “The Matrix Trilogy” theatrical releases, HEAT players will appear to be virtually everywhere as the player introduction video unfolds. Meant to evoke thoughts and questions pertaining to the ability of HEAT players to replicate themselves, fans (and the opposing team alike) will be asking themselves just how is it possible for HEAT players to be in multiple places at once, just as the “Mr. Smith” character continually presented obstacles for the “Neo” character in “The Matrix Trilogy.” Robotics, cloning, advances in human technology…no one is quite sure how it is happening, but something is allowing HEAT players to create more of themselves to make it an even more daunting challenge for opposing teams to play at AmericanAirlines Arena.

To set the stage leading up to the player introduction video, fans will be treated to various video elements on HEATV during the pre-game period, including news reports, movie clips, television show elements and other media, all focusing in on the topics of advances in human technology and what that could mean in the not so distant future.

To provide the uniform look of interchangeable players, the HEAT and its corporate partner, Perry Ellis, worked together to create custom-made suits for each HEAT player. The suit cut is a form-fitting, European style cut that accentuates the athletic physique of each player. Additionally, designer Ike Behar New York provided custom shirts and the ties for each player. The result is a very fashionable, yet unified look, to give the impression that, no matter where you turn, there is a HEAT player there, ready to engage.

Fans are encouraged to arrive in advance of the 7:30 p.m. tip off time on Friday, October 31st to watch the new Player Introduction Video. Individual game tickets are priced as low as $5.00.