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HEAT Insider Interview with Dwyane Wade

Jul 23 2007 11:27AM
MIAMI, July 23 -

Want to know what your favorite HEAT player is up to during the dog days of summer? HEAT Insider sat down with Dwyane Wade to chat with the three-time All-Star about summer vacation, rehab, fatherhood and business.

HEAT Insider: How has your summer been so far? What are you doing now that the season is over?
Dwyane Wade: Im back in my hometown of Chicago. The main thing Im doing is rehabbing my knee and my shoulder; I had surgery two months ago. Im taking it slow.

HI: How is your rehab coming along?
DW: My rehab is coming along great. Im rehabbing the whole left side of my body, with my knee and my shoulder. Im doing different stretching exercises. Im trying to make my arm go places where it doesnt want to go right now. And Im trying to continue to get the strength back in my knee and my quads and all the muscles around my knee, so I can get the explosion back for next year.

HI: Whats your timetable for returning?
DW: I dont really have a timetable. Im just following what the doctor is saying. When I come back, I want to be in for the long haul and for the rest of the season.

HI: What do you do to unwind and get away from everything?
DW: Although Im rehabbing, Im staying out-and-about and visible to my fans. I went to the BET Awards and the ESPYs recently. But when I unwind, I just hang out with my boys and kick it. As long as Im with people and family who make me laugh and smile, thats unwinding enough.

HI: You recently had a second addition to your family. How is your son doing?
DW: I had my second son, Zion, about seven weeks ago now. Hes forming now and beginning to look more like my first son did. Hes beginning to look more like me. Hes looking more like me than his mother. Hes coming around.

HI: Are you getting much sleep these days?
DW: We have more help this time. The first time, my wife and I did it all on our own. This time around, were in a better position to where we can get help. Im able to continue to do some of the things that Im doing business-wise and my wife doesnt have to have all the stress on her because of the help we have.

HI: Now that you have two boys, are you trying for a girl next time?
DW: Im good with my two sons right now (laughing).

HI: The team didnt do as well as expected last year. What are your thoughts thus far for the upcoming season?
DW: I think the main thing is that everyone has to stay healthy. Last year, three of our top five guys, Shaq, myself and Jason Williams, missed 94 games combined. Thats tough to have that happen and still have an opportunity to be a force in the playoffs. Were going to come back next year and be healthy. Hopefully, we can get a couple of veteran guys to come in and beef up our team. We havent made any big off-season moves yet because we havent had the cap space that other teams have had. We can still make other moves and those other moves may be big for us. We still have the foundation of the team with Udonis (Haslem), Shaq, myself, Zo, Jason (Williams) and Antoine (Walker). Were just going to take it from there.

HI: What are your thoughts on Alonzo Mournings announcement during Zos Summer Groove that hes coming back?
DW: I was really happy he decided to come back. He actually told me on the Friday before he announced it. Its great to know that the best back-up center in the league is coming back. Hes an unbelievable teammate. He brings a lot to the team. We know he wants to go out on top, and we know for sure this is his last year. Having him for another year is going to be great.

HI: Aside from your endorsements, you are really venturing into different businesses. What new business ventures do you have going on?
DW: Im still working on my clothing line with Converse. Now, Im trying to figure out a way to get it in the urban market, something that can crossover. It came out last year, and it did pretty well for the most part, but missing a lot of games threw things off a little. But were coming back with a bang. Im also concentrating on my shoes. Im involved in a record company. I think some people have heard of it. Its called M3Z Entertainment, which is named after my best friend who runs it. I have a lot to do with it right now and hes really pushing the artists. I think soon we can sign with the right (recording) company and we can move from there. I have a lot of things going on. I have a lot of real estate ventures that Im getting into and hopefully, at the right time, I can break the news. Business-wise, my main focus is to get bigger and bigger every year. Its my passion to work with Alonzo Mourning and learn from him how he runs his charities and foundation. I want him to help me. Like I told him, Ill help lead you on the court and you help lead me off the court. Hopefully, over the next couple of months, we can continue to do a lot of things together.

HI: When is your new Converse sneaker coming out?
DW: Its coming out November 3rd. A few people have gotten a sneak peek at it, but were doing a few modifications to it. My shoe is about the three and based on concepts from my life. Hopefully, when it comes out, people will like it. Its going to look a little different than my last couple of shoes. Im taking more chances with the design.