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Draft 2003: Q and A with Wesley Wilson

Jun 16 2003 9:16AM

Are you close with Zo, you guys talk?

Wilson: “Yeah, Zo always comes back to Georgetown. He always gives back to the players at Georgetown just by showing his presence there and playing with us in the summertime. It’s a tremendous help…He gives me pointers – go out there and work hard, just show them what you can do.”

How far do you envision going in the Draft?

Wilson: “Late first-round, I am predicting. I have a big body, I am coming out of Georgetown, and I’m athletic. I think that a lot of teams want me to play in the NBA, and I think I can contribute to Miami.”

What’s it mean to play center at Georgetown?

Wilson: “It’s not blazing your own trail, but the trail is not easy to follow…When you come through Georgetown, you get tough – academically and physically and mentally and everything. They put you through the fires to prepare you for life…Coming out of Georgetown, you have a lot to live up to.”

What do you think about these foreign standouts that a lot of us haven’t seen, but yet it seems like they are rated so highly…Here you guys are in the States banging around for a couple years in college and maybe not getting that noticed. Do you feel like there’s something not quite fair about that?

Wilson: “No, those guys work hard. Some of them are coming out of poverty too, and we all deserve to work hard and make it to the league – equal opportunity…If they’re from overseas, I believe if they work hard, then they deserve to be in the NBA.”