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Draft 2003: Q and A with Marquis Estill

Jun 16 2003 5:12PM

How did the workout go?

Estill: “The workout went really well, I enjoyed it. I was going up against some great guys…Workouts are all pretty much the same, might be a little different in some of the drills.”

What are your impressions of Miami and Coach Pat Riley?

Estill: “Coach Riley is a great coach and a great guy. I would love to play for him.”

Who would you say in the NBA you can compare yourself to?

Estill: “I probably compare myself to Karl Malone – he’s a power player, he can step out and shoot the 15-footer.”

Do you think that it’s helped you with the run you guys went on last year that more scouts and more NBA teams had a chance to see you?

Estill: “Yeah, I think that did help me a lot…We had a great run, and in the tournament, when the teams played me one-on-one, I was able to show them a little bit.”