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Draft 2003: Q and A with Dwyane Wade

Jun 26 2003 8:43PM

When you made your decision to come out, what made you sure that you were ready…How tough was the decision?

Wade: “It was a tough decision because the year I had with my teammates was unbelievable…I had to do the best thing for me and family at the time. I felt I was ready, I think this is a good year to come out. Everything was just right, so I think I made a good decision.”

How has your life changed because of (having a family)? Growing up a lot…

Wade: “I have matured off the court…It made me mature on the court. I think that’s why I had a successful year, and I think that’s why my team had a successful year. As I matured, I was the leader of the team…Going home knowing you have responsibilities after you get done with school, basketball…it makes you grow faster.”

“What would it mean for you to play for Pat Riley?

Wade: “Well, first, Pat Riley, just to meet him, I grew up watching him…He is a teacher of the game and I am a student of the game, so I think that would be a perfect fit.”

How much did the tournament (NCAA) run help you?

Wade: “It helped me a lot, we had some big games. I really got my confidence rolling…I knew that I could step up to that level and compete.”

What do you need to do to make it on this level?

Wade: “First, I think the best thing to do coming in is take advice from a veteran, guys who have been doing it for a while…Come in with an open mind…I just want to come in and work hard and try to get the best out of my abilities. If possible, every year that I play, to get better every year until I reach my potential.”