HEAT Insider: HEAT Players’ Favorite French Foods

Despite spending just three days in Paris, the HEAT players still got a chance to explore the city’s culture, rich history and, most importantly, its fine cuisine. HEAT Insider caught up with a few of the players to talk about their favorite French foods. 

Joel Anthony – Steak and Fries

“I ordered a steak, and I was given a slab of meat with a cooked egg on top. It wasn’t bad, just different. I recognized the French fries, though.”

 Omar Barlett - Frog Legs

“While I was here, I had to try the frog legs. I’ve heard they were a French delicacy. They taste a lot like chicken, but they sure don’t look like it.”

 Marcus Banks - Camembert

“I’m a picky eater, so I wanted to keep it simple while I was here. I tasted a lot of different French cheeses. Camembert was one of the best.  It’s a soft cheese. I had it before in the States, but over here, they do it a little better.”

 Mark Blount - Coffee

“Our days start pretty early, so sometimes I like to start my morning with a good cup of coffee. One morning, I walked to a little coffee shop and got a cup and it was some of the best I’ve ever had.”

 Daequan Cook – Macaroons

“I went to a few pastry shops in Paris and I really like their macaroons. The French macaroons are a little different than the ones in America. They are small, round, and flat. They are almost always sandwiched together with some kind of filling in it. Pretty good.”

 Udonis Haslem – Chicken Marsala

“When I used to live in France before I signed with the HEAT, my aunt did a lot of the cooking for me, so this trip was my first time really eating French food. My favorite dish was chicken marsala with mushrooms.”

 James Jones - Daube de Boeuf Provencal

“I saw it on the menu and ordered it as an appetizer. It’s a beef stew with a lot of complex flavors, like cinnamon and olives. It’s something that I normally wouldn’t try, but I wanted to try something new.”

 Shawn Marion - Confit De Canard

“I wanted to try something new while I was in Paris, so I ordered roast duck. It had potatoes and vegetables with it.”

 Dwyane Wade – Baguette

“I can’t remember eating a meal without a baguette. We call them French bread back home, but here they are much smaller. After eating them with every meal, I’ve actually grown to like them.”