By DeAndré Phillips 

Every year at HEAT Dancer Auditions it happens – dance team hopefuls arrive at the AmericanAirlines Arena sporting the frizzy hair, the Moulin Rouge outfits and the costume makeup. Don’t fall victim to these typical HEAT Dancer Auditions faux pas. HEAT Dancer Director/Choreographer Janine Thompson can help. Follow her Dos and Don’ts tips and increase your chances of making the team. 


Arrive looking your best.
“You want to stand out among the competition.” 

Make sure you are physically fit.
“You will need endurance and stamina to get you through the day.” 

Have your hair and makeup COMPLETELY done.
“Image is everything!” 

Wear something that compliments your figure.
“Everyone is different; make sure you highlight your best features.” 

Bring a backup outfit.
“You never know when you’ll need one.” 

Position yourself in line based on your skills.
“If you are better at learning choreography and performing it right away, be one of the first few in line. If not, wait for a later number before you register.” 

Continue dancing if you forget part of the routine.
“It is more impressive if you can recover from a mistake rather than losing your composure.” 

Bring makeup to touch up in between rounds.
“You’re going to sweat!  Be prepared.” 

Test out your audition outfit before the day of auditions.
“Dance full out in your costume to make sure you can kick, turn and drop!” 

Pack a light snack, water and Gatorade.
“Make sure you are hydrated and have enough energy to get you through the day.” 

Get plenty of sleep the night before.
“Rest your body, mind and soul.” 

Be confident when you perform.
“We look for the ‘Diva attitude’ on the court.  Become a Diva.” 

Give it your best shot.
“It’s all about you.  Make sure you focus on doing the best you can, and don’t forget to have fun!”


Wear a costume, outfit or shoes that prevent you from dancing full out.
“Make sure you TEST your outfit.” 

Psyche yourself out.
“Don’t let nerves get the best of you.  Everyone around you is in the same boat.  Be confident.” 

Give up.
“If you forget a move, keep going.” 

Arrive late.
“To be a HEAT Dancer you must not forget the three P’s – pretty, professional and PUNCTUAL. If you’re LATE, you can’t PARTICIPATE. No exceptions.”

DON'T audition if you cannot commit to the rigorous evening practice and game schedules.
"Dedication is expected and rewarded"