Irie Foundation

DJ Irie and DJ Irie Foundation All-Stars

He spins records, he hypes up HEAT fans, and he also has a great foundation with a great cause. Year-round, the Miami HEAT’s official DJ, DJ Irie and the Irie Foundation are working toward improving the lives of South Florida’s at-risk youth. The foundation is working to ensure that each student in its programs possess a “lifeline” or mentor to provide them with advice, attention and encouragement.

“I feel very blessed and fortunate for my success, and decided it was time for me to give back to my community in a bigger, more meaningful way,” said DJ Irie. “And that’s how the Irie Foundation was born. For me, the satisfaction arrives in the form of smiles on children's faces. It doesn’t get better than that.”

The Irie Foundation also has several signature programs that provide participants with opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them.

The Art of Lyrical Expression

A joint effort between the Irie Foundation and Motivational Edge, a non-profit that utilizes music as a learning and motivational tool for troubled youth, “The Art of Lyrical Expression”is held at the Allapattah Music & Literacy Center and provides kids offers hands-on education in song writing, recording techniques, production, performance skills and more.

South Florida After-School All-Stars
The Irie Foundation is a continued supporter of South Florida After-School All-Stars (SFASAS). The Foundation has adopted Madison Middle School and has provided tickets Miami HEAT games, scholarships, and numerous cultural and life experiences. Participating students can also apply for college internships from the Irie Foundation.

Additionally, the Irie Foundation supports the efforts of many local and national non-profits, including Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Miami, the Ronald McDonald House, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital among others. For more information, check out

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