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HEAT Academy Volunteers comprised of Miami HEAT business operations staff. The HEAT Academy Volunteers visit their classrooms on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, administer their own lesson plan for the day with their students, and more importantly, serve as positive role models for our students by exposing them to diverse experiences in the business world.

Our HEAT Academy Volunteers consist of the following employees for the 2013-2014 academic school year:

  • Eric Woolworth – President of Business Operations
  • Jeff Craney – Vice President, Marketing
  • Jeff Morris – Vice President, Finance
  • Michael Farmer – Director, Internet Services
  • Ana Aviles – Account Manager, Premium Services
  • Jacqueline Collazo – Coordinator, Premium Partnerships
  • Jessica LaBonte – Account Manager, Premium Services
  • Nicole Harris – Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Cristi Tufts – Asst. Controller Finance
  • Lya Franco – Asst. Controller, Finance
  • Sara Sciambi – Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Rose Pearson – Manager, Payroll Services
  • Christine Machado-Risso – Manager, Human Resources
  • Gabrielle Depeine – Staff Accountant, Accounting
  • Joshua Goshin – Marketing Coordinator, Marketing
  • Bryanna Campbell – Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships, Sales
  • Ashley Ruchty – Account Manager, Group Sales
  • Natalia Collazo – Coordinator, Group Sales
  • Jessica Fernandez – Account Manager, Premium Partnerships