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Dwyane Wade Chat Transcript

Aug 20 2009 11:49AM

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Dwyane chatted on Thursday.
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By now you know that Dwyane Wade is one of the outstanding members of this year's rookie class, averaging 16.2 points and 4.3 assists per game for the HEAT. His aggressive style has astounded the league and has turned the heads of fans and the media, many of whom declare that he is firmly in the "Rookie of the Year" running.

There is more to Dwyane Wade and you can get a closer look at the precocious HEAT rookie by reading the transcript from Thursday's chat below:

Miami: Do you feel 100% better after the injury against the Bucks a couple of weeks ago?

Dwyane Wade: I feel alot better, almost 100-percent.

BIG (Pamiers, France): Hello Dwayne. What did you feel when David Stern said your name at the draft ?

Dwyane Wade: It's a feeling I can't recall again. It's just amazing. I feel blessed to be in this position, where I'm living my dream.

Dwayne, Halifax: which skills did you focus on the most in order to become the player that you are now? and what does a typical Dwyane Wade workout consist of?

Dwyane Wade: I focus on my ballhandling skills and my decision-making, and driving to the basket and finishing. During my workouts I practice everything, but especially shooting, finishing my drives and dishing to my teammates, finding the open man.

Carlos (Miami): First off I want to congratulate you on an excellent rookie season thus far. How hard has it been to adjust from the SG position to the PG position which is one of the most difficult positions to play in a pro level?

Dwyane Wade: First of all thanks. It was hard at the beginning of the year, adjusting from a scorer to a distributor. I'm still learning, but it's working out well now. I have the ball in my hands, and for that's good. I can make things happen that way. It's good.

David Melms (Wauwatosa,WI): Why did you choose to Marquette?

Dwyane Wade: I wasn't highly recruited coming out of high school and Coach Crane was the first one to call me, so there was a loyalty factor there. Also, it's a great academic school, not too far from home, and it was a chance to help a program move up and rise, so it was a perfect fit.

Miami: What is the craziest dunk you have ever done? There are several in ESPN but which is your personal favorite?

Dwyane Wade: I think all of them. I love all them. I love to gets the crowd excited and gets me going, so I can't just pick one. I love them all.

Rignam, Belleville ON: It must be hard to make room for the time you need to spend with your family. How do you find the time to spend with your family?

Dwyane Wade: When I'm at home I try to spend as much time as possible with my wife and son. I don't go out alot. I go home after practice and spend time with them, so even when I go on the road, they know that when I get back, I'll be back at home with them.

Ken, Vancouver: what's your favortie car that you own?

Dwyane Wade: I got two cars, one for me and one for my wife. My Escalade truck is my favorite.

Mat (chile): I realy think you are the Nš1 rookie, but-Do you think you have shown the best of yourself this season?, and What we can expect from you next season?

Dwyane Wade: No, I don't think you've seen my best this season, especially with the injuries I've had. Next year, I hope to put it all together, my inside game and my outside game and keep improving.

The Williams Family (Miami): With so much focus on other rookies like LeBron and Melo, do you feel like you're being overlooked?

Dwyane Wade: No, I don't really think about it. I think I get enough attention right now. When we win, I get the exposure I deserve. For me, it's about the team winning, and as long as we can do that, I'm happy. I don't worry about the other stuff.

Bengaly form: Hyattsville: How do you get yourself prepare for a game?

Dwyane Wade: Every game, I'm living a dream, because I'm excited about playing in the NBA. That way, every game I go out and give it my all. That's how I approach every game.

Dan (Milwaukee): Dwyane, as awesome of a first season as you are having, do you have any regrets about leaving Marquette early. Also, if you are still following the team, how far do you see them going in the NIT?

Dwyane Wade: I don't have any regrets about leaving. I do follow the team on TV all the time and I talk to the Coach on the phone. I wish that we could've made the NCAA, but going into the NIT is a good chance for the young guys to step up and have a good tournament. I still refer to it as "we" because I will always consider myself a part of Marquette.

Miami: I met you in the season ticket holder autograph session, I love to watch you play the sport. I was wondering how do you like the city of Miami?

Dwyane Wade: I love the city of Miami. I wouldn't want to be in any other city right now. The people treat me real nice, the weather is great and we're winning. What more could I ask for?

oscar (miami): hey dwyane!! can you briefly talk about your thoughts before and after pat riley stepped down as head coach and your thoughts on coach van gundy

Dwyane Wade: Before Coach Riley stepped down I thought it would a learning year under one of the greatest coaches in the game. When he stepped down it was a shock. Coach Van Gundy has now come in and brought lots of energy to our team and has us playing with excitement and energy and I look forward to it every night.

Michael (Vancouver): You and Lamar Odom has made great contribution the Heat. How does it feel playing with Lamar Odom?

Dwyane Wade: It's great playing alongside Lamar. He's one of the most versatile players to ever put on the uniform. Then, he's so unselfish, and that has been really contagious for the entire team. I wouldn't want to be playing with any other guy than Lamar right now. It's been great for me as a young player to pair up with him.

Stephen C (Toronto): Dwyane, What is your pick to win it all in this year's NCAA tournament?

Dwyane Wade: Actually my pick to win it all would be Kentucky. They're a veteran team who've been there before and I think they can do it.

matt (san diego): did you think you would be in playoff contention earlier this season?

Dwyane Wade: Of course. Like every team, we felt we had the talent. We knew it was gonna be a learning year, with some tough times, but we always thought we could succeed and make a run for the playoffs. That's what we're doing now and focusing on. Making the playoffs.

Rignam.W (Belleville ON): What are the highlights of your Rookie career so far?

Dwyane Wade: Hmmmm. I think going to the rookie game on All-Star weekend, just getting invited and then playing well was a great highlight. Also the chance to go there with my teammate Udonis and play with him was an honor too.

Dwyane Wade: Sorry I couldn't get to all the questions. I really appreciate the time you took out to write to me and chat with me. Also, I'd like to thank you for supporting the Miami HEAT and Dwyane Wade. I hope you will keep supporting me and the HEAT during our tough stretch now as we try and make the playoffs.