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Feb. 14, 2005: Dwyane Wade Chat Transcript

May 6 2009 2:58PM
Wade chatted on Feb. 14.
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Dwyane Wade is one of only three players in the league to rank in the top 10 in scoring and assists averages, joining Allen Iverson and LeBron James. He is currently leading the HEAT in scoring (23.6 ppg) and has scored in double-figures for a career-high 26 consecutive games. Wade will also make his first appearance as an NBA All-Star on Feb. 20 in Denver.

On Monday, Feb. 14, Wade took time out of his busy schedule to chat with fans. See the full chat transcript below:

Moderator: Dwyane is running a little late, but we hope to have him in the chat room soon.

Evan,Chicago: How do you feel being in the all-star game in only your second, playing with and against most pf the nba greatest stars?

Dwyane Wade: Being in the All-Star Game in my second year is a big accomplishment that I'll always cherish. I'm really thrilled to be chosen to play, especially with all of the great point guards in the East.

Warren (Miami): Hey Dwyane,I know you were at All-Star weekend last year playing in the Rookie v.s. sophmore game and this year you are playing in the All-Star Game as well.What do you look foward to,going into this year's All-Star Game?

Dwyane Wade: I'm most looking forward to the whole experience with my friends and family and teammates and coaches. I want to enjoy the whole thing, the first game and the big game. Also it should be fun meeting all the people who attend the Weekend, like the celebrities who'll be there.

Dre (Queens): Dwyane, first congrats on a stellar sophmore season. How has Shaq changed the dynamic of your team and made your job and everyone elses much easier?

Dwyane Wade: He's made everyone more comfortable and given us more confidence. Shaq gives us an opportunity to win the game every night, whether on the road or at home, whoever we play. What he does for us on the offensive end, demanding all the attention he does, makes us all better. And his presence on the defensive end helps us there too. It's just a great thing having him as a teammate.

Mike Corpus Christi: Big Fan Dwyane big fan, just wanted to ask did it discourage you last year when all the hype was about Lebron James, and Carmelo Anthony?

Dwyane Wade: No it didn't discourage me at all. For one, I'm happy for those guys and No. 2, I'm happy about the attention I get. I get the attention I deserve.

Eric (tampa): Hey Dwyane, How was it coming into the league with another talented player in Udonis and how have you two meshed in the last two seasons?

Dwyane Wade: Me and Udonis came in here as the only rookies last year and it's been terrific seeing him succeed, especially how hard he works. I fell fortunate to be playing with him.

Kylie, Bismarck: How do you juggle family and basketball at the same time?...Do you try to spend as must time with your family when your at home?

Dwyane Wade: I try to spend as much time with my family as I can, especially when I'm in Miami. I'm also dedicated to basketball and bringing success to the HEAT, so I make sure to find time for both.

stefan (muenster. germany): whats up? did u really say to shaq in the game against the lakers after shaq fould out "have no fear, flash is hear"?? keep up your style of playin the game peace, im out

Dwyane Wade: Ha-ha (Laughing) I told him to have no fear, but I don't call myself Flash! I did tell him, "Don't worry Big Fella, we'll pull out the win."

Zach Bouaziz: How did you feel when you were moved to the shooting guard spot and is damon jones one of the most improved players in the league?

Dwyane Wade: When I got moved to the No. 2 I was excited because it's a position I've played all my life and I'm real comfortable there. And Damon Jones is a player who is getting a chance now to show what he can do every night and you can see what he's capable of. He's a player in this league.

Milwaukee (Marquette): We'll first of all I would just like to say congrats on being an All-Star, some people think you came under the radar but being a huge fan of you at Marquette I knew you would be unstoppable. Anyway my question was how much alike are Tom Crean and Stan Van Gundy?

Dwyane Wade: Total opposites (Laughing). The only thing they have in common is their commitment and knowledge of the game.

Alex (Miami): Wade, on a night when you are struggling with your offense, how important do you feel it is for you to become the facilitator of the HEAT offense and get your teammates involved?

Dwyane Wade: Very important. My teammates depend on me for alot of different things. So the night's when the ball isn't dropping for me, I need to do the other things necessary for us to win.

Germany: will we see you in the slam dunk contest someday???

Dwyane Wade: No. (Laughing). Sorry, but no.

Jason (Schenectady): How did the lifestyle change from college at Marquette to the NBA?

Dwyane Wade: Alot. When you go to the NBA you become more independent, you have to manage your money, and manage the people who are spending your money. You also have to be responsible, especially with me having a family. You also need to understand that the NBA is a businees, you need to do what you need to do in order to stay on the court.

Viktor, Chicago: Who were your heros and idols when you were growing up?

Dwyane Wade: When I was growing up, basketball-wise I looked up to Michael Jordan and the whole Chicago Bulls team. But in real life, I looked up to my older sister and my older brother.

Sonlay (Petaluma, CA): Your my favorite player. I would just like to know... Have you ever dunked on Shaq during practice?

Dwyane Wade: Ha-ha (Laughing) No. And when I did try once, Shaq told me, "Don't ever try that again."

Dwyane Wade: Sorry I couldn't get to all of the questions. Thanks for being a fan of mine, and fans of the HEAT. Stay with us as we are embarking on a great season. Thanks again for taking the time out to ask the questions and next time I hope to get to answer more.