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Big. Bold. Game-changing.

The 2012/13 HEAT Dancer Poster incorporates beautiful photography culled from 23 completely individualized photo shoots. These images of the Miami HEAT Dancers are breathtaking, stylized and edgy – this poster would be a marvel based on the visuals alone. However, what makes this piece trendsetting is its scope.

“This year we have totally reinvented what we typically do for our posters,” says team photographer David Alvarez. “The first thing that people are going to notice is how massive the poster is.”

Each panel of the poster is 20”x20”. Spread out, the design is more than three feet long.

“We are trailblazers and like to set new standards, which we’ve done throughout our history,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Michael McCullough. "We want to change the game in how we present our entertainment teams – and soon enough our players – specifically in a poster format.”

“That’s how we were able to come up with this new size, which is not only much more [visually] appealing, but allows us to tell a bigger and better story. … It gives us a better canvas with which to showcase our athletes and our entertainers,” McCullough said.

More a work of art than an in-game giveaway, the poster you received is a sleek, highly refined piece,developed with the specific purpose of catching eyes. It is meant to function as an industry standard. In this way, it is much like the HEAT Dancers themselves. Both are symbols of excellence.

Said team photographer David Alvarez: “When you have the NBA’s 4-Time Most-Popular Dance Team you have to step it up on every level. That is exactly what the Miami HEAT have done with this poster.”

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