Postgame Quotes - Hawks vs. Nuggets - Nov. 7, 2009


“It’s a great comeback. We bounced back from our game last night, where we just didn’t have any juice. There’s just something about playing in Philips Arena in front of our fans. These guys, they come to play when they step out on the floor here. It’s nice to see.”

“I thought it was a total team effort. You look at the stat sheet, we had 30 assists. We outrebounded them, held them to 41 percent shooting, so the defense was solid for 48 minutes I thought vs. how we played last night. I just thought it was a total team effort. Our bench came in and gave us a wonderful lift in terms of keeping our lead and stretching it. It’s just kind of nice to see. We scored a lot of points, and were also able to do a lot of things from a defensive standpoint.”

“To know your team can bounce back after a miserable game the night before shows you have a team that has grown some in a lot of ways. And we’re playing for something too. We think we’re one of the best teams in the East, and we have to play like it every time we step out on the floor. Expectations this year are higher.”

(On the energy he brings off the bench): “It’s kind of cool sitting there now. I get a chance to figure out how I can help the team, whether that’s coming off setting people up or coming off being aggressive and scoring. You kind of get a chance to watch the game, see the tempo, see the rhythm and try to come in after that.”

(On beating Denver after losing to Charlotte last night): “It’s big, more mentally than anything else. We had a tough loss against Charlotte last night, and we beat a tough Denver team. We didn’t lay down, and we fought. From start to finish, I thought we were really good as a team. It was a great team effort.”

(On beating Denver tonight after a tough loss last night to Charlotte): “It’s a big statement. Having a letdown loss last night, and being able to come in and beat the number two or three team last year in the Western Conference, that’s a big boost of confidence. It just shows that we don’t dwell on losses, and we look forward to the next game.”


“We just didn’t have enough energy tonight. It’s really difficult against a team like this when you have two of your best players sitting next to me. Tonight, we weren’t good defensively, and Atlanta has as many good one-on-one players as any in the NBA, and that showed. Almost everyone was on for them tonight, Crawford played good, Joe Johnson did a good job and Josh Smith had an incredible night.

“We need an “A” game from a lot of our guys and we didn’t get it tonight. I think we had a lot of good stretches, but just couldn’t put it together consistently. Chauncey (Billups) and Carmelo (Anthony) tried to carry us as much as they could, but we needed more from everyone.”

“It’s disappointing to lose on back-to-back nights, but Atlanta’s a tough team. You have to be on your “A” game to come in here. You have to give them credit for being prepared tonight. It’s tough when you’re missing a guy like Kenyon. His intensity is needed in games like this. He’s also a leader for us on defense and we needed that tonight. We also missed J.R. (Smith, serving a suspension) as well, but even when you’re shorthanded, you have to man-up. That’s how it is, people are going to be injured or out, and you just have to be ready."

“They are a playoff team, and things didn’t go our way. Back-to-backs are tough. You play the night before and get into a town at 2 AM, which makes it tough. Both teams push the ball and I thought it was going to be a high-scoring game.

“They were knocking down shots, and rotating very well. We also had some untimely turnovers that turned into baskets on the other end. You have to give Atlanta credit, they were very prepared.”