Postgame Quotes - Hawks vs. Lakers - March 31, 2010


(On the defensive effort): “I thought it was solid from beginning to the end. Our bench was huge again tonight, they’ve been playing extremely well, and we’re going to need them to play that way the rest of the way out. I thought we matched them head-on. Granted, they are missing (Andrew) Bynum, a big piece of their offense and defense. But I just thought tonight we were solid.”

(On Joe Johnson): “Joe played like I thought he would play. Kobe (Bryant) brings out the best in everybody. Kobe had it going for awhile, and then Joe got it going late early in the fourth quarter, and was able to make a few big shots that really gave us the cushion that we needed.”

(On guarding Kobe): “I was satisfied with every position defensively. Everybody had to work for shots. Gasol had to work, Artest had to work to get shots, Odom, Fisher, everybody worked in individual spots, and then the team defense was right on the money in terms of rotations. We rebounded the ball again tonight, so that helps.”

"I was just telling Mo (Evans) the other day how we’re going to need more than six guys to help us out in the post-season. Zaza and Mo Evans are going to be real big keys to add that extra depth that we need to play well. They stepped up to the occasion and made big shots, and played excellent tonight.”

(On Zaza’s defense and rebounding): “He started off right with the toughness and tenacity we needed. Joe helped us out a little bit in the second half with the offense. We got it going on both ends of the court.”

“It was an important win. We’re trying for that third spot. We need games like this every night on a consistent basis.”

"I just had to take advantage of the opportunity to get some extra minutes; tried to be aggressive on both ends of the court. We have a lot of guys coming off the bench, we’re really deep, and that’s what you need in the playoffs.”

(On the technical foul): “(Ron) Artest is a good friend of mine. We’re just intense, we’re just competing, we talked about it afterwards, it’s all just a part of the competition.”


"We couldn’t buy a basket, we couldn’t buy a shot in the first half. Second half we had some shots go down, but our defense failed us.”

“They just outplayed us. Regardless of inspiration, they beat us to balls, they were quicker to the offensive boards. They had no turnovers in the second half, they were just quicker to the ball.”

(On the bench): “It looked like Fisher was struggling a bit, so Jordan came in and played some minutes, got a roll going out there, picked up the effort a little bit, but that was about it off the bench for us.”

"What we did just didn’t work. We tried to win but we just couldn’t.”

(On a losing road trip): “I’m not going to make any excuses. We definitely tried our best. On this trip our best wasn’t good enough.”

(On what they need to fix): “I don’t think we need to fix anything, we just need to continue to play.”

"They have a very good team. Jamal Crawford is hand-down the Sixth Man of the Year.”

“We’re not playing well defensively. This trip, it’s been consistently bad. So we have to get back to work.”

(On the Hawks’ defense): “They did a fantastic job, they’re playing with a lot of energy and confidence. Each year they seem to progress."