Postgame Quotes - Hawks vs. Celtics - January 29, 2010


“It was a playoff game. They let it go both ways, everybody was banging and bodies were flying around. Our guys stepped up and made plays when they had to make them. I thought Joe was huge coming down the stretch but our defense was solid throughout the whole game tonight.”

(On Boston’s physicality): “They didn’t win a championship not being a physical team. They’re still a great team defensively and they get after you. If you back down, it’s a lopsided game. We played this team great the past three games and tonight wasn’t any different. We came out and established ourselves. They jumped on us early but our defense picked up and we started making shots. Our transition game was really great in the first half. They took that away from us in the second half, but we managed, coming down the stretch, to make plays that we needed to make on both ends.”

(On the third quarter): “We’re a better team when (we’re going) up and down the floor. But in playoff basketball with the good teams, they can force you into a half-court game and you’ve got to be willing to execute, set screens, make the right passes and sacrifice the ball. We were stagnant at times but when we had to make plays coming down the stretch, Jamal and Joe were two key guys that got it done.”

"When they start double-teaming like that, I just try to find my teammates. (The other team) has just got to pick their poison. Do they want me to score or do they want my teammate to score? One’s going to be open, so I’m going to take advantage of what they give me.”

(On sweeping Boston): “It means a lot. It’s a team that we’re going to see down the line. That’s a team we have a lot of confidence against a couple of years ago when the Hawks took it to seven games.”

(On 30 wins thus far): “It feels really good to get 30 wins and it’s not even February. It speaks volumes about this team. We’ve come a long way. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ll be all right.”

"We have to keep working hard. We can’t just be satisfied sweeping one of the best teams in the NBA. We have to stay focused on the prize at hand and that’s get a power position in the first round, and hopefully the second round of the playoffs.”

(On the third quarter): “It just basically shows that if we face it, we can overcome it. They took their best shot at us in the third quarter, and we were able to respond in the fourth quarter.”

(On Boston’s physicality): “We’re not going to back down. We’re going to match their intensity and when they hit us in the mouth, we were able to respond.”


"I think the Hawks came out really tough in the first half of the game, but our starters did a good job in the third quarter of getting the game close. In the second half we did a much better job of taking the Hawks out of transition. In the first half they were beating us down the floor. So the game plan was to slow down their fast break offense. Jamal (Crawford) got really comfortable and into a rhythm, and when a scorer of his caliber gets into a rhythm, he’s really tough to stop, as he was tonight. We were down ten most of the game, but we made runs. We just weren’t able to overcome the deficit.”

“I don’t really know if we could have won the game tonight, the way the Hawks were playing. Especially coming off a back-to-back, this is a tough team to play. No one likes to get swept by a team in the regular season, but all that means is that we were beaten by the Hawks all season. It doesn’t mean anything for the playoffs.”

"We did a poor job on transition defense in the first half. The Hawks gained confidence and started to score at will. In the second quarter they were definitely knocking down shots, which made it tough to keep the game close. In the third quarter we were able to slow down the transition baskets and get the score close to get the game within reach. At that point the game became a back and forth game. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get over the hump. We definitely didn’t play the way we wanted to in the second and fourth quarter. We really were focused on trying o get the ball out of Jamal and Joe (Johnson’s) hands, because once they get going, it’s hard to stop them.”

“They isolated us all game. They’ve done that all four games, and they’ve beaten us all four games. Being swept in the regular season is not like being down 0-2 in the playoffs. The playoffs are a clean slate for every team."