Gearon, Wilkins Visit Brazil To Promote Charity And Basketball

Wilkins (right, with Brazilian basketball legend Oscar Schmidt)knows all about the globalization of the league - he was once an international player himself. Today, Wilkins serves as part of the management team for the Hawks and supports social causes overseas. He also celebrates the NBA's international involvement and growing fan base around the world. With 81 international players from 35 countries, the NBA has established its presence as a global league and internationally renowned game.

NBA Latin America caught up with Gearon and Wilkins upon their arrival in Brazil and asked them a few questions about their support overseas:

NBALA: Why did you decide to support a charity organization in Brazil?

Michael Gearon: I have a telecommunications company in Brazil, American Tower, through which I have come to realize basketball's incredible following in the country. I believe that this began years ago with Oscar Schmidt, and now continues to flourish with players like Nene, Barbosa, and Anderson Varejao - who just got drafted by Cleveland. Interestingly enough, these Brazilian fans also know who Dominique Wilkins is, which is why I decided to bring him to this charity event.

The organization supports Escola Vale dos L