Know Your Hawks Quiz #4 - Hey Now, You’re An All Star

here's nothing like the excitement of NBA All-Star Weekend. Through the years the Hawks have provided many a thrill at the league's midseason event. See how well you remember some classic Hawks All-Star moments.

1. Who was the first Hawk to be named an All-Star?
a. Lou Hudson
b. Bob Pettit
c. Clyde Lovellette
d. Dike Eddleman

2. Who represented the Hawks during their first season in Atlanta?
a. Mel Hutchins and Don Sunderlage
b. Lenny Wilkins and Zelmo Beaty
c. Joe Caldwell and Lou Hudson
d. Lou Hudson and Pete Maravich

3. Which Hawk has made the most All-Star Game Appearances?
a. Dominique Wilkins
b. Bob Pettit
c. Lou Hudson
d. Dikembe Mutombo

4. Name the only Hawk to appear in the All-Star Game as a player and a coach.

5. Which player appeared at an NBA All-Star Game with Dominique Wilkins as an Eastern Conference teammate and then as a Hawks teammate?
a. Moses Malone
b. Lenny Wilkens
c. Doc Rivers
d. Kevin Willis

6. Which Hawks three-some did NOT appear together in an NBA All-Star Game?
a. Bill Bridges, Joe Caldwell, Lou Hudson
b. John Drew, Eddie Johnson, Dan Roundfield
c. Spud Webb, Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Willis
d. Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers, Mike Fratello

7. This year, Josh Smith became the third Hawk to participate in the Got Milk? Rookie Challenge, which began in 1994. Name the other two.

8. Which current Hawk also starred in a Got Milk? Rookie Challenge?
a. Antoine Walker
b. Al Harrington
c. Tony Delk
d. Tyronn Lue

9. Who was the last Hawk to appear in a Slam Dunk Competition?
a. Spud Webb
b. Stacey Augmon
c. Dominique Wilkins
d. Shareef Abdur-Rahim

10. Who was the last Hawk to appear in the three-point shootout?
a. Jason Terry
b. Mookie Blaylock
c. Steve Smith
d. The Hawks have never had a participant

BONUS: Philips Arena hosted the 2003 NBA All-Star Game. Who was the MVP of the game?

Answers: 1. D. Eddleman was the lone representative of the then St. Louis Hawks at the 1951 All-Star Game; 2. C. Hutchins and Sunderlage were the first duo to represent the Hawks at an All-Star Game in 1954, Wilkens and Beaty were two of the three Hawks to go in 1968, the Hawks' last season in St. Louis (Bill Bridges was the other) and Hudson Maravich went in 1973 and '74; 3. B. Pettit made 11 appearances. Dominique is next with 9. Hudson appeared six times, Mutombo four; 4. Lenny Wilkens, who appeared five times as a player (1963-65, '67 and '68) and once as a coach (1994); 5. A. Malone was an Eastern Conference All-Star with Dominique in 1986, when he played with Philadelphia, and 1987 and '88, as a member of the Washington Bullets, before teaming with Dominique as a Hawk in 1989; 6. C; Bridges, Caldwell and Hudson, 1970, Drew, Johnson and Roundfield played in the 1980 game and Wilkins, Rivers and Fratello were together in 1988, with Fratello serving as coach; 7. Alan Henderson in 1996 and Jason Terry in 2001; 8. A. Walker appeared in the 1997 game; 9. B. Augmon competed at 1991-92 All-Star Weekend; 10. D. BONUS: Minnesota's Kevin Garnett won the MVP in the 2003 game, won by the West 155-145 in double-overtime.

9 or more: Congratulations on being named a starter
6-to 8: You made the team as a coach's addition
3-5: You can come to the game...with a ticket.
2 or less: You can follow the game on

Jon Cooper is a freelance writer based in Atlanta