2005 Fan Choice Awards

Hawks fans, the voting is closed, and you have spoken as to what were your favorite moments on and off the court from the 2004-05 season! Thanks for your insights and participation in the Inaugural Hawks Fans Choice Awards. Be sure to check out all the winners listed below!

Introduction to Fans Choice Awards! 300k | 80k

Award #11: Scoreboard Player Feature  
Winner: J Chill: Secrets of the Fro

It's time for the final category of the season, and we've saved the best for last. The Hawks video production team is one of the best in the business, and in this category we take a look at some of the hilarious features from the past year and answer important questions like how does J-Chill keep his 'fro so tight, and what might Al Harrington be doing if he weren't a basketball player? You voted, and J-Chill's Secrets of the Fro was your Favorite Scoreboard Feature!

The Nominees:
Jason Collier: Caddyshack Master
300k | 80k

Obinna Ekezie: Journey From Nigeria
300k | 80k

Al Harrington: High School Thespian
300k | 80k

Josh Childress: Secrets Of The 'Fro
300k | 80k


Secrets Of The Fro 72%

High School Thespian 18%

Caddyshack Master

Journey From Nigeria

Award #10: Best Dunk
Winner: Josh Childress Over Yao

You've voted for your favorite Alley-Oop, and you've selected the best dunk from Josh Smith's victory in the Slam Dunk Contest. But were those the best we have to offer from this past season? No way! After checking out the nominees, you decided that Josh Childress' posterizing of Yao Ming was your Favorite Dunk!

The Nominees: 300k | 80k

Childress Over Yao 55%

Josh Smith Breakaway 42%

Childress Put-Back Jam

Award #9: Best Mascot Skit
Winner: Sky Squad

Always fan favorites at Philips Arena, you can find Harry the Hawk and SkyHawk pumping up the crowds throughout the game, whether they are playing with the fans in the stands or entertaining them on the court itself. We tallied the votes, and you decided the high-flying antics of the Sky Squad was your favorite Mascot Skit!

The Nominees: 300k | 80k

Sky Squad 44%

Harry and Lil' Harry 31%

Monday Night Football

Award #8: Best Hawks Alley-Oop
Winner: Josh Smith Reversal

Josh Smith's victory in the Dunk Contest put his name on the map, but Hawks fans know his best dunks come during the flow of the game. After looking at the nominees, you voted and decided Josh Smith's Reverse Jam from Al Harrington was the Best Hawks Alley-Oop Jam!

The Nominees: 300k | 80k

Josh Smith Reversal 64%

Josh Smith One-Handed 24%

Josh Childress 12%

Award #7: Best "Pop-Up Hawk" Feature
Winner: Pop-Up Josh Childress

With so many new faces on this year's team, the Hawks wanted to allow the fans to get to know the players a little better than by just seeing them on the court. So thanks to the Hawks terrific video production team, the "Pop Up Hawks" features became a regular staple at home games throughout the season. The fan favorite?  Pop-Up Josh Childress was the winner!

The Nominees:
Pop Up Tyronn Lue 300k | 80k
Pop Up Tony Delk 300k | 80k
Pop Up Josh Childress 300k | 80k


Pop Up Childress 65%

Pop Up Lue 30%

Pop Up Delk 5%

Award #6: Best Dance Team Performance

Winner: Hydrolics Girl

The Hawks Dance Team is perhaps the most popular attraction at Philips Arena aside from the players (and even that might be close)! When they aren't performing during timeouts, they can often be found roaming the concourse talking to fans and cheering the team on from the baseline. After checking out the nominees, you the fans have spoken and decided that Hydrolics Girl is the Best Dance Team Performance!

The Nominees: 300k | 80k

Watch The Entire Winning Performance: 300k | 80k


Hydrolics Girl 57%

Footloose 23%

Chain Of Fools 20%

Award #5: Best Celebrity Sighting
Winner: Michael Vick

Los Angeles isn't the only place where people can go to see their favorite celebrities. Atlanta is known for being home to many as well, and you never know who will show up to root on the Hawks! We asked, and you decided your Favorite Celebrity Sighting at Philips Arena was Falcons QB extraordinaire Michael Vick!

Nominees: 300k | 80k


Michael Vick 37%

Lil' Jon 17%

Samuel L. Jackson 16%

Award #4: Best Hawks Shot
Winner: Tyronn Lue Shakes Loose

Over the course of an 82-game season, there are bound to be shots that range from the impossible to the improbable. In this category we look at some of the most memorable shots from the past season, particularly of the last-minute variety. You've voted, and the winner for Best Hawks Shot is Tyronn Lue's game-winner against the Timberwolves!

Nominees: 300k | 80k


Tyronn Lue Shakes Loose 46%

Josh Smith Tip-In 34%

Tom Gugliotta Three

Award #3: Best Arena In-Game Feature

Winner: Sprite Jam Cam

During timeouts in the action, Hawks fans can always look up to the scoreboard to be entertained by...their fellow fans! Whether they are gettin' their groove on, trading smooches, or looking for love, Hawks fans love to show off for the Philips Arena crowds. You've had your say, and the winner for Best Arena In-Game Feature is...the Sprite Jam Cam!

The Nominees: 300k | 80k


Sprite Jam Cam 47%

Kiss Cam 31%

For Love Or Love Of Electronics

Award #2: Best Dunk Contest Dunk
Winner: Kenyon Martin Jam

The Slam Dunk Contest has always been one of the most popular events of All-Star Weekend, and Josh Smith's performance in this year's event will be talked about for years to come. With a combination of power, grace, and gravity-defying hops, Smith slammed his way to the title, earning respect from the fans and his peers with his tribute to his idol Dominique Wilkins. The votes are in, and the winner for Best Josh Smith Dunk Contest Dunk is ... the Kenyon Martin Jam!

The Nominees: 300k | 80k


Kenyon Martin Jam 47%

'Nique Throwback Jam 31%

360 Reverse Windmill

Free Throw Line Jam

Award #1: Best Halftime Performance
Winner: Rubberboy
Halftime used to be only for buying popcorn and cotton candy, but at Philips Arena, if you leave your seat you just may miss something you've never seen before. We've tallied your votes, and the winner for this season's Best Halftime Performance is ... Rubberboy!

The Nominees: 300k | 80k

Rubberboy In Action: 300k | 80k
(complete performance ~ approx. 5 mins)


Rubberboy - 52%

Quick Change - 35%

Tony Ja - 13%