2004-05 NBA Attendance Sets Record


2004-05 NBA Regular Season Draws Highest Average Attendance In History
and Highest Total Attendance

NEW YORK (April 21, 2005) --
The NBA finished the 2004-05 regular season with the highest average attendance in history and the highest total attendance, surpassing the previous records established during the 1995-96 season.

This year's average attendance of 17,314 fans per game bests the 1995-96 record of 17,252 fans per game and last season's average of 17,050.

The new total attendance record of 21,296,497 this season eclipsed the previous record of 20,513,218 established during the 1995-96 season, and last season's total of 20,272,195 fans attending regular season games. Excluding the added attendance to home games of the expansion Charlotte Bobcats, NBA games still drew more than 432,500 fans this season versus last season.

The Atlanta Hawks increased their average overall attendance in 2004-05 to 14,302 vs. 13,998 in 2003-04, an increase of 2 percent that included five sellouts. In the second half of the season, the Hawks average attendance was 16,236 vs. 12,199 in 2003-04, an increase of 33 percent that included three sellouts.

This season, NBA arenas were filled to 90% capacity, the third highest percent capacity all-time and the highest total since the 1997-98 season.

This season's NBA attendance records follow on the heels of the all-time record being set last season for combined regular and postseason attendance.

The NBA Playoffs begin on Saturday, April 23, with 16 teams competing for a trip to The Finals and the chance to win the Larry O'Brien championship trophy.

Highest Average NBA Regular Season Attendance
1. 2004-05 17,314
2. 1995-96 17,252
3. 1997-98 17,135
4. 1996-97 17,077
5. 2003-04 17,050

Highest Total NBA Regular Season Attendance
1. 2004-05 21,296,497
2. 1995-96 20,513,218
3. 1997-98 20,373,079
4. 1996-97 20,304,629
5. 2003-04 20,272,195